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New Masterís Programme in Ocean & Atmospheric sciences offered at the University of Hyderabad from the academic year 2012

Hyderabad|India|May'2012: The atmosphere and oceans form the major fluid envelops of the Earth and play important roles in the Earthís weather, monsoons and climate. Many of the properties of fluids, the basic mathematical equations describing the dynamics of the two are quite similar. Yet traditionally these two subjects have been tangent as separate courses in the Indian Universities. University of Hyderabad is the first in the country to offer ocean and atmospheric sciences under one Masterís programme.

In the context of global warming and climate change models of increasing complexity involving ocean Ė atmosphere - vegetation interactions are being developed by the International researchers to be able to precisely predict anticipated changes in the Earth system during current century. To develop trained human resources in India to tackle problems related to global change, we need to teach both oceans and atmosphere as single integrated course highlighting their similarities and differences, with both practical and modeling approaches. University of Hyderabad with excellent schools in physics and chemistry and this new course structure here will have the benefit of strong interaction with physical sciences. This programme will be offered from the academic year 2012.

The eligibility for admission is B. Sc with mathematics and physics as main subjects, and through the University Admission Test. The intake of students is 15, of which 5 seats are assigned for the sponsored candidates.The last date for applying for the admissions is May 4, 2012.

A large technical man power in earth sciences is required at various institutes and universities in the country under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, located at Hyderabad, under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, is a partner of this programme with the University of Hyderabad.

-May 2012

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