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7Seas Technologies releases casual online game on Swine Flu "Swine Flu Killer"

Swine Flu - a pandemic that wrecked havoc across the globe killing hundreds of people in Mexico - Swine Flue Killer

Hyderabad|India|May'2009:Seas Technologies Limited, a Hyderabad based independent IP-based games development company, has announced the launch of its new casual online game on Swine Flu – a pandemic that wrecked havoc across the globe killing hundreds of people in Mexico – Swine Flue Killer.The game is available in its online gaming portal www.onlinerealgames.com .

To play this game, all a gamer needs to do is vaccinate as many patients as possible in time, kill the virus, save patients and become a Swine Flu Killer. To vaccinate a patient, simply click on the patient with the mouse. The more quicker a gamer's movements are while clicking on the patients, the more points he gains.

“We released a political game The Big Fight between Obama Vs McCain based on the US presidential elections. Prior to that was the launch of Operation Big Bang on the research being carried out by European scientists on the Big Bang theory which was followed by our recent release of more political games on the current Indian political scenario. Now, we are going to release one more game based on a current hot topic – Swine Flu that spread fears of outbreak globally.Our idea is to come up with more such games with newer concepts and provide entertainment to our gamers through our online gaming portal www.onlinerealgames.com," said Mr L.Maruti Shanker, managing director of 7Seas Technologies Limited.

7Seas Technologies Limited is an independent IP-based game development company based out of Hyderabad,India.The company’s online gaming portal www.onlinerealgames.com has about 300 casual games. 7Seas’ another online gaming portal www.neodelight.com has over 400 casual games. 7Seas' online game ‘Mouse Maze’ has bagged the prestigious FICCI-BAF (Best of Animation Frances) award in the 'Best Online Game' category for 2008. 7Seas has also bagged the ‘2008 International Stevie Business Award’ in the ‘Best Website’ category for its online gaming portal.

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 May' 2009


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