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Ohriís launches the First of Its kind Bistro ĎRuci & Idonií in Hyderabad

Hyderabad|India|May'2012: Ohriís, one of the leading hospitality chains of South India , today, launched Ruci & Idoni as an exclusive Western Specialty Cuisine Bistro on Road no. 10, Banjara Hills. With this, Ohriís completes its count of 25 F&B offerings in Hyderabad and 28 outlets, across South India .

Ruci & Idoni is the latest addition to the Ohriís umbrella of signature F & B properties that are known for their pioneering themes and dťcor, this one being all the more special because itís an authentic Bistro with a variety of global food to offer, raising the bar for this rare category of restaurants in the twin city. Ruci & Idoni is themed with an aim of giving the guests a larger than life western dining experience through the ambience, range of food and beverages and their presentation. Tablet Menu is one such offering at the Bistro which makes the experience even more special and interesting as for the guests they can browse through the whole menu on a touch screen with a detailed description and an illustrative picture of each dish Ė so you have an idea of what your dish is and how it will look before its actually served on the table.

The menu of this Bistro includes a tantalizing range of delicacies and an array of beverages from the kitchens of America , Germany , Italy and France served in king-size portions. The exotic delights on the menu have been decided very meticulously, where the guests can choose from a range of appetizing starters that are uniquely presented such as Soup in a bun, lamb chop cutlet and so on. The main course array includes interesting vegetarian dishes like Greek aubergine moussaka, Gnocchi pasta and Cajun grilled river sole, Half roast spring chicken, shrimp rigatoni, mushroom and chicken canelloni in the non vegetarian spread and side dishes like potato mash with garlic and cheese (veg) and Most delicacies are served on platters with healthy accompaniments Ė attractive salads, delicious potato wedges & sauces with food and freshly baked cookies with a choice of white / brown sugar are served with tea and coffee.

Also served are a variety of thin crust pizzas with multi grain option, which add to the specialty.

The beverage and dessert menu includes an exquisite range of teas and coffees, rich and creamy shakes and sinful sweet dishes. The range of milkshakes and cold coffees are served in huge glasses with a unique rich and creamy texture garnished with loads of whipped cream. The Bistro also has on offer the most interesting range of healthy Ice teas, lemonade and exquisite range of garnishing that Ohri's Ruci & Idoni has to offer. The highlight of the desert menu are the signature delights of Ohriís such as Awful Awful, legacy of floating Titanic and a larger than life serving of Towering Vertigo.

The show stealer of the dining experience at Ohriís Ruci & Idoni is the special care taken by the team to present everything in an unique manner, for instance, the lemonade that is usually served in glasses is served here in jars which is the traditional way of serving lemonades; Coffee is served in a tray with cookies, coffee beans, white and brown sugar along with the dayís newspaper as accompaniments; Burgers which are a German specialty are served on a wooden plank along with salads and sauces.

The dťcor of Ohriís Ruci & Idoni is a mystical blend of Black and Red which spreads across its interiors and furnishings, creating a contemporary ambience. The colors used are soothing to the eyes of the beholder and add to the overall dining experience. The Bistro houses one of the twin cityís largest open kitchens with a glass facade visible from the dining area. As a part of the Bistroís dine in experience offering, the staff dressed in formal black & white Italian apparel with a hint of red take the order of the guests using hand held tablet menus, a service that has been introduced for the first time in the city by Ohriís.

With a capacity to seat 114 in all, the Bistro is open between 11.a.m to 11.p.m. The guests can choose from a choice of comfortable seating options that range from cozy sofas to chic ebony chairs with royal red upholstery. The dining tables can accommodate 2 to 6 guests depending on the requirement and comfort of the guests. Ohriís Ruci & Idoni is strategically located in Banjara Hills, surrounded by corporate offices and other high end public utilities, making it is easily accessible to all the food connoisseurs. Valet parking service offered by Ohriís adds to the comfort of guests.

Describing in detail about the offerings at Ohriís Ruci & Idoni Bistro, Mr. A. K. Solanky, COO Ohriís Group of Hotels said, ďIn line with Ohriís belief of bringing the best of global cuisine to the twin cities food enthusiasts; introducing Ruci & Idoni comes as a natural step in this direction for us. This bistro will serve all possible varieties of western food and beverage classic delights under one roof, be it coffee or ice-cream, quick bites or elaborate exotic maincourse, appetizers or accompaniments/ side orders to dessert. As we uphold the vision of Ohriís group: ultimate service, consistent quality and memorable experience, since at Ohriís you are family! We are sure to satisfy the global food connoisseurs with delicacies that they will relish.Ē

Explaining the differentiators of the Bistro, Ohri's Executive Chef Vikram Simha said, ďThe unique and rich taste of these delights are mainly due to premium ingredients used in them. We ensure to handpick and source each of the ingredients from itís place of origin be it the creamy chocolate used for the flavoring or the coffee beans from Ghana , or the Oregano / thyme/ rosemary / Sun dried tomatoes from Italy and get it delivered to the Bistro kitchen of Ruci & Idoni. Our experienced team of chefs stringently follow the authentic cooking methods to induce the ultimate taste and aroma that each delicacy is globally famous forĒ.

Apart from the authentic food served in sumptuous quantities just the way it is done in their native origins, with lip smacking accompaniments that are reasonably priced; live music played by Krishna, the specially appointed musician at the Bistro is yet another subtle ambience addition. Krishna ís expertise lies in single handedly playing Bongo, Guitar, Keyboard and Harmonica, though his forte lies in Jazz. He promises to charm the guests with his music and have them coming back for more. With key differentiators like value for money and the overall luxurious experience, Ohriís Ruci & Idoni Bistro is definitely going to make it to the preferred list of its present and potential customers alike and win a place in the heart and pockets of the twin city food connoisseurs.

About Ohriís Group of Hotels: Established in 1981, the Ohriís group has been a pioneer in the hospitality scenario since its inception. Through constant innovation and consistent growth, Ohriís today is among the fastest growing restaurant chain in South India . Ohriís has established itself as a leader in food court dining. Establishing the first specialized food court in the city it has already won many professional laurels and most importantly the praise and loyalty of its customers. As Ohriís readies itself for its next evolutionary step of expanding into new areas and markets, it has already laid the foundation to become the ultimate dining experience.

-May 2012

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