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Satish Modi, Hyderabad's senior citizen moots "out of box" solution to India's fight against Pakistan sponsored Terrorism
Plans to build public opinion for the same

Hyderabad|India|January'2009: Since its independence in 1947, India has been facing the problem of insurgency and terrorism in different parts of the country. But, there is no solution in sight. Thousands of people have lost their precious lives in this war by terrorists and war against terrorists. In recent terrorists attack in Mumbai on 26th Novemeber, ten terrorists could terrorise a nation of billion people for 60 hours. Despite its size, economic and mighty military strength, India could not make sure that offenders are punished nor the country terroising India is brought to books. And there is no guarantee that no such incidents happen again.

What is the solution left? Addressing a press conference in city.Mr. Satish Modi, a senior citizen, philantropist who has been working for the cause of eye donation said SAARC as one nation in a way can offer a solution to the problem and tension that we are experiencing today. It is very much like countries of Europe reconciling to problems between them to become one economic block(if not one country) with a single currency viz. euro. It will be in a way reverting to extended Bharat by a different name viz. SAARC. How to move forward SAARC.

One more option is to join America in fighting all terrorist forces in Afghanisatn by sending our armed forces. Then Pakistan can be forced to take a stand either to fight by our side that includes US and its allies, or the opposite side. We fight together or fight each other in a third country as Europe did in the past e.g fighting between Britain and France and uniting during and after the wrold wars. Now Britain, France and also Germany are part of the same economic block of Europe with Euro as their common currenncy. The US except for "Pear Harbour" and 9/11 had not fought any battle on home ground but carried it to theird world countries like Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc. This is an attribute of a "Major Power".

We are and we claim to be a major power. Hence, we need to take our war with Pakistan to the third country. In the present circumstances take it to Afghanistan. We can hope that this will bring the SAARC movement to the centre stage as lasting solution, informed Mr. Satish Modi.

Mr. Satish Modi is a great philantropist. He has in the past printed 400,000 (Four lakh) tri-lingual new year calenders(over three years) with eye donation messages to create awareness for eye donation. He also proposed many novel incentive linked scheme he initiated for Eye Donation Propagation in the state. The 65 year old Modi has taken up this cause inspite of undergoing quadraple (four) bypass heart surgeries and he is also a diabetic and Asthmatic. He also produced "Netra Data Amar Rahe", a documentary on eye donation. Instead of sitting idle and wile away his retired life, Mr. Modi wants to contribute constructively for good of country.

He distributed blankets(with eye donation messages) to the needy at subsidized rates. His thinking was that since an item like a blanket would always be with the family, the message about eye donation would get ingrained in the family.

Reachout's News Bureau
 January' 2009

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