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Spring Air and Protect-A-Bed launch new range of Mattresses and Mattress Protectors

Hyderabad|India|May'2012: Good sleep is vital for our well-being. Too much or too little of sleep can have adverse effects on oneís health. An average person spends one-third of each day in bed making the quality of the mattress vital. Spring Air and Protect-A-Bed promise to redefine your sleeping experience. Spring Air, USAís leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of premium mattresses and pillows worldwide and Protect-A-bed, U.S.A. announce the Joint South India launch of the latest bedding products by Spring Air and latest technology in luxury mattress protection and comfort by Protect-A-Bed. Having been rated as the most preferred bed in America, Spring Air together with Protect A Bed now aim to help people in India sleep better.

Partnering with Protect-A-Bed, global leader in mattress protection, Spring Air India, for the first time has ushered in a breakthrough technology that revolutionizes the sleeping experience ensuring ultimate luxury and therapeutic sleep experience. Carrying forward the legacy of parity in quality, comfort and values, the new collection will offer the luxurious sleep experience of Spring Air with the protection properties of Protect a Bed. The unique technology featured in Protect-A-Bedís mattress and pillow protection products will create a healthy sleep zone offering a dry, bed bug free, and anti-allergy sleep environment thereby meeting the need of the entire family.

The newly launched Europedic Combination Series Mattress collection is made from the revolutionary NASA technology memory foam (Visco-Elastic foam). Unlike conventional mattress, the Europedic Combination series features temperature sensitive and pressure relieving memory foam material sandwiched with the finest UCHDF (Ultra Cell High Density Foam) or Latex core and do not need to be flipped. They adapt to the body temperature while redistributing weight and reducing spinal pressure by conforming perfectly to the body shape. The price range of the Spring Air mattresses starts from Rs.15000/- and can go up to Rs.1 lakh for the Europedic Majestic Comfort King Size mattress.

The Protect-A-Bed products are designed exclusively for Spring Air mattresses. Protect-A-Bed products help create a dry, hygienic, bed bug free and anti-allergy sleep zone while protecting the mattress warranty. Protect-A-Bed products are listed as Class 1 medical devices with the US FDA and have received the Good Housekeeping Seal.

The newly launched products are effective in protecting mattress and pillows from bugs, water spills and household allergens and other things that can harm bed mattresses. Protect-A-Bed collection of mattress protection offers protectors for mattresses, pillow, quilts and box springs in beautiful fabrics laced with latest technology. The original Protect-A-Bed premium fitted sheet style mattress protector is constructed using a cotton terry toweling sleeping surface, laminated to a Miracle Membrane. The range of Protect A Bed mattress and pillow tops are available in many styles and a luxurious appearance that lends a high fashion appeal, extra comfort and firmness to Spring Air mattress. They are 100% waterproof, Anti Allergic, Anti Dust-Mite, Machine Washable and US FDA approved. The price range starts from Rs.599 for a Pillow Protector and can go up to Rs.1999/- for Mattress Protector.

The Spring Air Mattresses and Protect-A-Bed protectors are available at Spring Air Exclusive Showrooms in Hyderabad at:Asiatic Enterprises, 6-1-1063/E-Saifabad Road, Manik Rao Plaza, Opp. R.R. District Collectorís Office, Lakdikapul and also at Unique Collection, Shop No. 7 AVm Towers, Beside Kalyana Kanchi, Near Vishwanath Theatre KPHB.

-May 2012

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