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Runa Rizvi and Team enthralled Hyderabadi audience with Sufusion Concert

Hyderabad|India|July'2012: Sufusion Concert by Runa Rizvi and Team held on Saturday at Marigold Hotel enthralled Hyderabadis to the packed hall. This concert was organized as part of Hyderourite 100 day celebration of Spirit of Hyderabad. The artists included Runa Rizvi - Vocals ; Prakash Sontakke - Hawain Guitar ; Ojas Adhiya -Tabla/ Percussion ; Ninad Mulaokar - Flute ; Vishal Dhumal - Keyboard ; Harshwardhan Nasery - Percussion/ Rhythm. Shivamani, Percussionist graced the occasion.

Sufüsion is a unique blend of Sufi and Fusion music. Accomplished classical Sufi artiste Runa Rizvi and her team of gifted musicians were brought to Hyderabad for the first time a melodic mélange of soulful Sufi songs, Indian folk music, Jazz harmonies, and world fusion – presented in a style that has mesmerized audiences across India. Sufüsion captured the essence of Indian classical music and offers a contemporary combination of melodies sung by the versatile singer and her band that features some of the finest young exponents of their respective fields of music.

Organised by Hydourite as part of 100 day celebration of Hyderabad spirit, the entry for the concert is free, but, through passes. The passes can be collected from Hydourite office. For information and more details, phone: 66335533. They will present some amazing instrumental music-making it an evening to look forward to and an event that will stay back in the memories for a long time to come.

Hydourite is an initiative celebrating the spirit of Hyderabad. It will have ‘100 days of celebrations’ with various kinds of events woven around the spirit of Hyderabad.

It is being organised by KPMA Business Publications (A Division of Kernell Primetime Media Associates Private Limited), MIRA Events. Hydourite has been conceived to get together all the Hyderabad loving people on to a single platform, time and again to feel the rich diversity of this great city through various events, and thereby feel proud being a Hyderabadi. There is no other city that has such diversity may it be in its culture, heritage, people, languages, businesses or any other segment. With every region portraying its own culture and every segment having its own diversity, Hyderabad stands majestically tall to offer a world unseen on a platter, for Hyderabad loving people.

Starting from June 2nd till 8th September, every weekend as well as on some other dates, Hydourite lined up programmes and artisits.

-July 2012

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