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The 2500 years old renovated Jain Temple at Kolanpak now open for devotees

Jain Devotees seen at 2500 years old renovated Jain Temple at Kolanpak.
The 20yrs renovation of the temple comes to an end

Hyderabad|India|December'2008:Koalnpak in Nalgonda Districy in Andhra Pradesh is one of the very important Jain Pilgrimage places in the country. The Jain Temple located here at Kolanpak near Aleru Mandal in Nalgonda District on the way to Warangal city and 80kms away from Hyderabad is 2500 years old. This has temple of Sri Shwethambar Jain Tirth after a prolonged renovation for the past 20 years today opens its doors to devotes. Over 1000 workers, artisans and stone cutters worked for about 20 years to complete this renovation work. The various Jain Philatropists, community people in the A.P, Rajashathan, Gujarath have togther contributed and spent about Rs 11 crore on this renovation work.

Pran Pratioshta of new temple Chow Mukha --a four faced idol of Jain Gods was also performed by Aharya Rajesh Suriswar informed Temple President Surendra Lunia. Over 20,000 people from the Jain Community participated in Celebrations.

About 150 Jains from New Jersey from United Stated came especially for the Pran Pratishta of Chow Mukha.

The renovation works of Sri Shwethambar Jain Tirth began on two parts wherein the main portion took 16 years to complete and the other temple in about four years.

As part of the six days celebrations, Sri Shwthambar Jain Thirth Kolanpak donated a Water Purifying plant in Kolanpak Village where the temple complex is located.Out of the total 20 acre land the temples are constucted on one acre land. The remaining land houses a dharamshala, guest houses about 160 rooms, museum and Jain Library for visitors.

Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad have about one lakh jain people. And have about 15 jain temples located at Koti, Kachiguda, Begumpet, Feelkhana, Karvan,Krishnanagar, Charkaman, Tarlagadda, Secunderabad and Rasoolpura.

The North-Western region in Andhra Pradesh commonly known as Telangana provided a firm foothold to Jainism during the medieval period. Kolanpak(Kulpak), an important and flourishing Jain Kshetra is in Aleru Mandal, Nalgonda District. Kolanpak is one of the biggest Jain pilgrimage centres in South India. It is the 2500 years old temple. Which was renovated about 100 years ago. Now the fresh renovation started about 20 years back now comes to an end.

Addressing media personnel Acharya Rajyesh Suriswar Ji said according to history Jain antiquities discovered in Kulpak rose to prominence as a Jain Kshetra during the hey-day of the Rashtrakutas when Sankaraganda was ruling over Kollipakaya-riya in 9th Century A.D. Since the it continued to enjoy the patronage of Rashtrakutas and their successors.
Rastrakutas developed Kulpak as a military out-post and gradually it grew into a prosperous city, covering an area of about 90 sq kms, filled with fortifications, the traces of which are still visible. Later on during the period of Chalukyas, it further flourished as Jain pilgrim centre.

The renovation work taken up by Sri Shwethambar Jain Thirth Kolanpak is the massive one. Over 1000 artisants, stone cutters and other workers involved directly and involved for the past several years. With renovation coming to an end Kolanpak Jain Temple today ahs become one of the top ten Jain pilgrimage places in the world.

Thousands of Jain devotees from various parts of India and abroad participated in the celebrations. The organizers are making elaborate arrangements. Everybody who visited the temple were fed with sumptuous jain lunch. Sweets were distributed to every household in Kolanpak.

History reveals that in Vikram Samvat 1665 the renovation of Kolanpak Tirth was taken by Acharya Heersurishwarji Maharaj's Shishya Acharya Dev Vijay Surii Maharaj. Later on Vikram Samvat 1767 on Chaitra Sukla Pusha Desmi, King Aurengzeb's son Bahadur Shah I Kingdom with the help of Subedar Navab Yousuf Rasool Khan, Bahaduri's aid in the presence of Acharya Vijayratna Suriji - Pandit Dharamkushal Suriji's Shishya Pandit Keshev Suriji performed the renovation work of Kulpak Thirth. Again during Vikram Samvat 1965 the renovation work was carried on by Hyderabad Secunderabad Sangh due to updesh of Acharya Shantivijar Suriji. The renovation was carried further.

It is jain followers belief that 15 visits of Kulpak Tirth on full moon days and doing seva, tapa and japa will end all the troubles of their life. This Lords' meditation helps a lot and it effects are wonderful and people experience eternal peace and happiness. People from all over India and world visit the temple for meditation and pooja.

Reachout's News Bureau
 December' 2008

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