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-- by Ajay Goka


Ajay Goka : Reachout's Critic

Clinton's Visit : Some Thought's ...

Although the visit of an American President to India was much overdue but the hype and hoopla generated was uncalled for. The Govt went overboard .It was rather a weird spectacle to see our members of Parliament jostling over one another to shake hands with him. Jashwant Singh escorting Chelsea to Rajasthan proved himself to be a better escort than a Foreign Minister. Before this he had successfully escorted three Pakistani militants to freedom at Khandahar in Afghanistan during the recent Hijacking of Indian Airlines flight from Nepal.

Regarding the AP govt the less said the better. The govt made an indigenous plan to eradicate poverty within a day. This was done by arresting all the beggars and placing them beyond access. It is also laudable that Mr.Naidu spoke of his efforts to bridge the digital divide .But his actions are definitely going to create a divide within the city, as one part of the city where the VIP's usually visit is spruced up and the roads are blacktopped at the drop of the hat. Another part where we poor souls reside is riddled with potholes and ever so frequently we have to smell fragrance! from the over flowing drains whose smell is so powerful that it is unmatched by the whole array of 'Tommys' ,'Poison', 'Drukker',......I think Mr.Naidu should patent the smell from the drains lest any multinational might copyright as they have proclivity for stealing anything indigenous.

It cannot be overlooked that Mr. Clinton was a genial and good human being . His concern for the loss of life in Kashmir, his meetings with the woman in Rajasthan, and above all his meeting with Rachana Kathiyal reflects his human side.( Iraqis and Serbs may think otherwise). It was a pleasant break from the images of our stiff lipped stereotype Indian politicians .

The visit has generated tremendous goodwill between the two nations which has to be capitalized and the Vision statement should be institutionalized for further improvements in Indo-American relations. But a word of caution.....We were carried away by our relations with China before 1962 and with Pakistan during Lahore Bus Journey . Hence reason and not emotions should guide our relationship.

All said than done is fine but mind you Mr. Clinton has come here at the fag end of his term and as we know American Diplomacy is highly personalized .We do not know what the next President has in store for us!!!

Do stay tuned to the next article " .......But seriously on your Butt " from Mr. Ajay Goka, Reachout's Critic

Here is a response to the above article from a curoius netizen : Was Mr.Clinton really bowled by Hyderabad's techno savvy nature?

Clinton storms Hyderabad

Mr.Ajay Goka is a post graduate in Political Science from Osmania University and is a  commentator of Indian Politics!!!...but seriously

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