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-- by Ajay Goka

Ajay Goka : Reachout's Critic

Water problem in Hyderabad

"Sirf dhonee ke liye, baki sab bakwaas.......but seriously on your butt"

Come summer, Hyderabad falls under the spell of summer and water. Hyderabad  Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board(HMWS&SB) seems to have caught up with a new fad, they seems to have found the color of drinking water monotonous and hence they are adding a bit of color of their own. This strange phenomenon has been noticed by people of different localities- the color ranging from pale yellow to deep green, the municipal  authorities blame it on the vegetation. So it is ,they do supply non-vegetarian water in some parts of the city, people have found strange creatures swimming in the water supplied to them.  These days we only talk about software in Hyderabad, but what about hardware seems to say the sediments present in water. But blessed are thee who are supplied with at least the contaminated water, as some parts of the city has to do without water for days together.

The denizens of Hyderabad seems to have mastered the technique of dry-cleaning. The disposable napkins & plates and cup industry is thriving in Hyderabad thanks to HMWS&B.   The water works department is an Insomniac dream as it invariably releases water at unearthly hours anywhere between 2-5 AM. It is a virtual WWF on the streets of Hyderabad at the arrival of the water tanker. The Kargil will pale into insignificance, with the duels between women here-the mighty takes the water. At the Municipal water taps, there are queues equivalent  to and sometimes more than the ones standing for a Hritik Roshan movie. (event there are also only ladies in the queue) It looks as if water has become controversial whether its Deepa Mehta's "water" or the "water" in the taps of Hyderabad .But definitely we in Hyderabad have fallen under the spell of both heat and water this summer.

Mr.Ajay Goka is a post graduate in Political Science from Osmania University and is a  commentator of Indian Politics.

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