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'Adrak Ke Panje' comes to an end.

                                                           -----7 June'00

Babban Khan
The Guinness record holder for the longest running play, Adrak Ke Panje has had over 10,000 shows in more than 27 languages

"Kya Miya", "Kya ki", "Kaiku", "Nakko" are some of the many famous Hyderabadi words which born out of the "Adrak Ke Panje" show has all come to an end on June 3rd. 

Though stereo type yet comical, Adrak Panje by Babban Khan, actor,writer and director had staged a world record by playing 10,000 shows. He is a part of Guinness book of world record. He blended the Hyderabadi culture in every part of the world he visited for his shows. 

Babban khan always concentrated on middle class people of Hyderabad who always mix Urdu with Hindi. 

Babban khan's fans are at loss for their favorite play has just ended.Babban fans can now look forward  for the second part of 'Adrak Ke panje' which he is thinking of staging very soon.

 Indeed an incredible performance by Mr. Khan to touch us Hyderabadis as well those Indians who are else where in the world. Laughter is the best medicine and hence Babban is the greatest doctor. 

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