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 Experience Cool Snowfall first time this scorching summer at Snow World

Introduces First of its kind of artificial Snow Fall in any Snow Domes anywhere in the world

Hyderabad: Ever since Snow World thrown open to public in 2004, thousands turned up to discover how snow felt. The World’s Biggest and India’s 1st Snow Theme Park, has achieved yet another milestone by introducing Snow Fall, in this southern Indian city of Hyderabad, where summer temperatures can soar from 40 to 45C. This is the first of its kind of Snow Fall introduced by any Snow Theme Park or Snow Dome anywhere in the world. There has never been a snowfall here in Hyderabad, but residents can now experience this without stepping out of their city and slide and skate on ice and throw snowballs at each other in India’s first snow park.

However Snow Fall will happen only for ten minutes in every one hour session, all through 11 sessions in a day, disclosed Mr. M. Venkateshwara Rao, Managing Director of Snow World. You can go merry with Snow Fall and have Snow Filled fun holiday like never before he said. Adding further he informed, our patrons will have unlimited fun and their life’s first Snow Fall experience as if they are in Gulmarg or Switzerland. The Snow Fall is not offered by any snow dome anywhere in the world.

Around two thousand four hundred people visit snow world every day and has been running full to its capacity. Maximum 300 people are allowed in each session. The duration of the each session is one hour, informed Mr. Rao.

Ocean Park Multitech Ltd, promoter of India’s popular and the third largest Amusement Park, ‘Ocean Park’ aims to provide great thrill and unusual experience and snow fun to kids and adults. Since snow is uncommon in places like Hyderabad, it will create lot of excitement and fun. Real Snow Fall, particularly at times and in places such as Hyderabad, where it is least expected, will be a great attraction.

The initial response to this concept is overwhelming. Visitors to the Snow World have been experiencing Snow Fall for the past couple of days. There is increased interest in visiting Snow World to experience the most uncommon thing.

So why wait, visit the most coolest place in twin cities and freak out in snow fall this summer. Snow World is located at Lower Tank Bund Road, Hyderabad.

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