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Tips to Identify Terror Suspects (Terror Signals)
-Hyderabad City Police

Tips to Identify Terror Suspects (Terror Signals):

Individuals who order food at a restaurant and leave before the food arrives or who order without eating
Anyone leaves his gift pack, bags, brief case, lunch/Tiffin box on the vehicle or at a crowded place like an office building, park, dust bin , a school, or a shopping center or an airport and doesn’t turn up, it could be a terror object.
Someone suspiciously exiting a secured, non-public area near a train or bus depot, airport, bridge, government building, or tourist attraction.
Someone unfamiliar loitering in a parking lot, government building, or around a school or playground.
Multiple sightings of the same suspicious person, vehicle, or activity, separated by time, distance, or direction
Surfing net late in the night, chatting with the “friends” privately in a coded language could be a suspicious activity. He/she possesses multiple user IDs. Keep track on the websites the person visiting.
Some employee of your company suddenly transformed into a deeply religious man, works on holidays, starts quoting religious scriptures in his conversations. His activities should be under scanner immediately
A group of youngsters (20-40 yrs) traveling in a bus or train with their luggage on their bodies/laps. If you are a driver/conductor/coach attendant, suspect them and check their baggage.
Someone leaving bus or train or cinema hall abruptly leaving his bag behind could be a terror suspect.
Someone in improper attire like wearing winter clothing in summers, bulky clothing with hands in the pockets, sweating profusely and in a hurry could be suspicious.
Someone who doesn’t get into a bus or train even after several buses pass by could be watching something for commission of a serious crime.
Someone very young, well educated, well employed harps on the words like “dying for God”, “great life in the paradise”, “elimination of other religions” in formal/informal conversations, goes to religious places very regularly, prays differently, suddenly minimizes contacts with friends could be a terror suspect in making.
Anyone with ultra extreme beliefs suddenly disappears from your locality and doesn’t surface for a long time; His family members avoid questions about him. He could be planning something dangerous. Inform police immediately.
Any religious scholar preaches violent revenge, writes books on the historic injustice done to particular religion and incites people for violent reaction in various gatherings or forums. Keep a watch on the people who are meeting such scholars
Anyone who is calm, pleasant, well educated, looks detached and holds ultra radical religious beliefs, learns complex religious scriptures, moves in a closed group and shows intolerance to those who do not agree with him/her could be a terror suspect in making.
An young and well educated youth, suddenly becomes possessive of his latest gizmos like laptops, mobiles, external drives, multiple goggles, helmets, mp3 player, vehicles, always conscious of his/her “external appearance”. He could be planning for some dangerous act.
Any youth talks about violent revenge to the injustice done to the particular religion in any communal conflict in the country or talks about inter religious conflicts across the globe have a fair opportunity to become a terror suspect.
Someone bragging or talking about plans to harm innocent citizens in violent attacks or who claims sympathy towards any religious organization that espouses harming innocent people to further their cause.
Any youth, sincere and hard working and from a respectable family is sighted in the company of radical fundamentalists or fanatic gangsters or listening to or memorizing the speeches of such fundamentalists should be watched closely.
Any type of activity that seems frightening or unusual within the normal routines of your colony, community, and workplace.

Tactics of Terror

In addition to the above terror signals, we also provide you with following information which might help you to detect the terror plans.

The following should cause an increased sense of suspicion:
unusual interest
surveillance (suspicious in nature)
inappropriate photographs or videos
drawing of diagrams
annotating maps
using binoculars or night vision devices

Unusual or suspicious activity does not necessarily mean that terrorist activity is happening, but be aware of the following suspicious behaviors:

Terror suspects generally fake their identity to execute their plans.
Following are some of such fake IDs

Individuals acting suspiciously.
Individuals avoiding eye contact or the individuals wearing goggles irrespective of the weather.
Individuals departing quickly when seen or approached.
Individuals in places they don’t generally belong.
Driving License
Fake Registration Documents
Ration card
Multiple SIM cards
Voter ID card
Birth certificate
PAN card
Multiple Credit cards
If you believe someone is using or has altered the identity, please notify to the Police

Terrorists, when not acting alone, need to meet with their conspirators and often times work within a closed group(cell). Watch for the following
Pay attention to visitors and guests those arrive and leave at unusual hours
Those guests who try not to be noticed
Act in a suspicious manner
Park an unusual distance from the meeting
Have an unusual number of unrelated people living together

Some signs that may raise your suspicions likes the ones below:

They only let you into the apartment or house with plenty of prior notice.
They dry the clothes belonging to females outside although there are none in the apartment or home.
Generally avoid cooking and eat outside always.
They change the locks often.
They keep certain rooms out of bounds.
They cover tables and other pieces of furniture.
They never allow room service in a hotel room.
They only take hotel room service outside the door.
They only accept deliveries at the hotel’s front desk or outside a closed door.

Unusual Purchases or Thefts

Terrorists need supplies to carry out their attacks and accomplish their goals. Hence pay attention to purchases, rentals or thefts of the following and report to police if you find someone purchasing/acquiring the following unusually:

Nuts and bolts
Round metallic balls
Toxic chemicals
Bags in large scale
Surgical plaster or adhesive tape
Old/ Bicycles
Used vehicles to plant IEDs

Deliveries are a common method for terrorists to carry out their attacks. Be aware of:

Suspicious vehicles near significant buildings or in public places
Terrorists use vehicles for many purposes, from surveillance to planting bombs
Vehicles moving on the prohibited roads, specially during restricted timings, and driving at unusually high speed and erratically.
Vehicles may be parked for an unusual length of time, sometimes in no-parking areas with a characteristic smell
Fluid or gas leaking from a vehicle, other than the engine or fuel tank
Explosives can be heavy, so cars and vans may sit abnormally low on their suspensions
With a registration number that is normally not seen in the town
They may have expired registrations or have false or missing plates or faulty number plates
Unattended bags or boxes in a public access place


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 December' 2008

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