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Vote any party, any candidate. But, donít vote those who believe in diving the country on the basis of religion.
-Santan Sant Sufi Yatra-

Beware of politicians who make communally venomous speeches and disturb peace and tranquility of the nation.  Defeat communal forces in the election: Appealed Saints, Sages and Sufi Darveshes from across the country addressing a Press conference in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad|India|April'2009: Several Saints, Sages and Sufi darveshes from all over the country come together to spread the message of brotherhood and peace. They have been travelling all over India addressing masses to defeat communal forces and those leaders who are spoiling the peaceful atmosphere with hatred and venomous speeches. Such leaders are dangerous to the society. Exercise your franchise, elect those who can give us peace and tranquility, they said.

After successful trips to Delhi, Bhopal they have come to Hyderabad as part of All India journeys spreading the message of love and peace. Addressing a press conference in city, Mahant Janmejay Sharanji Maharaj, Adhyaksh, Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir Nirman Nyas, Ayodhya and Sufi Mohd. Gilani Kattan, Adhyaksh of World Sufi Council, Ajmer Sharif said whosoever give a distorted version of Sanatan Dharma and Islam and try to disturb the communal harmony of the nation are completely wrong. Tolerance, Abatement, brotherhood and Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam are main pillars of Bharatvarsha. Some evil forces are trying to disrupt these by making their evil designs fulfilled, but, it can not be tolerated at any cost. To prevent this, all sufis, Mahanths and Mathadishís are taking part in this Sanatan-Sant-Sufi Yatra.

Jagat Guru Swami Premanandji Maharaj of Avantika Peethadhishwar, Avantikapuri, Madhya Pradesh; Sayyed Haji Mohammad Abdullah of Sufi Lal Mohammad Sufi Dargah, Raorkela, Orissa; Mahanth Sri Ganeshacharya Ji Maharaj of Divine Shri Ram International, Haridwar; Sayyed Mohammad Tahir of Sheikh Haroon Rashid Dargah, Baroda, Gujarat; Swami Ram Tahalji Maharaj of Peethadheeshwar, Janakpurdham, Sayyed Mohammad Sadatullah of Dargah Sayyed Yaseen Shah Bukhari, Hyderabad; Mahant Laxmandas Ji Maharaj of Swami Haridas Ashram, RaiBareilley and Swami Shivratan Sharanji Maharaj of Brahmapeetha, Pushkar, Ajmer have participated in the press conference.

Now after Hyderabad they plan several other cities in India such as Varanasi, Patna, Ranchi, Guwahati, Bangalore, Mumbai, Allahabad , Ayodhya, Lucknow, Ahmedabad , Jaipur spreading the message of Vote and vote to any candidate, any party and never vote for those who believe in dividing the country on the basis of religion. Donít vote for those who do not understand the secular fabric of the country. Donít vote for those who do not have any development plan and are contesting only to communalise the environment of the country. Today, the challenge is to save the country to secure the future of Indian youth. Therefore, we, Saints and Sufis are on roads travelling all over India to pass this message across nation, they appealed.

Reachout's News Bureau
 April' 2009

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