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- Hyderabadis Laughs at a 10-feet 'Recession monster' to celebrate World Laughter Day-
BIG 92.7 FM make Hyderabadis laugh at Recession, Says Don't worry be Happy

Hyderabad|India|May'2009: The year 2009 stands for uncertainty, the year of the global slowdown, the year when the buzz words are hope and fantasy. In keeping with the current vibe and the understanding of people’s requirements, BIG 92.7 FM, Hyderabad’s leading FM Station celebrating the World Laughter Day has gone all out to bring in laughter in their lives. Known for its innovativeness, BIG 92.7 FM this time erected a unique first-of-its kind 10-feet long ‘Recession’ monster at Lumbini Park.

The ‘Recession monster’ represented and expressed all the relative elements of recession like jobs lost, salary cuts, sensex crashed etc. which has eventually led to stress and depression in the society. A human chain led by Dr. N Krishna Mohan, Regional Director- Reserve bank of India, Mr. Shakti Sagar- MD- ADP, Ms. Renu Challu- MD- SBH, Mr. S Ramakrishna- COO- Tata Indicom, renowned cardiologist Dr. Sunil Kapoor, Capt. S T Rao, Advisor- Art of Living, Ms. Shirin, President- ABC Laughing club, BIG FM RJ’s, listeners and members of different clubs was formed around the monster followed by a BIG laugh on the monster, the laughing session continued with people shouting ‘Don’t worry be happy’ taking the stress out and creating awareness about being cheerful, positive and confident to make this tough year a cheerful year ahead.

The event also saw the culmination of BIG FM’s on-air contest aptly titled ‘BIG Comedy King’ wherein 10 lucky listeners who performed on-air were selected to perform on-ground today. The audience and the guests were amused by some outstanding performances by the contestants who battled with each other to win the ‘BIG Comedy King’ title. Taking the audience to a surprisingly different experience, dignitaries cracked jokes and shared their humorous incidents in life. The day was different to see a very rare view of prominent people from the industry and the common people interacting with each other holding each other’s hand forming a human chain for a noble cause to spread laughter as the mantra to make a happy life, healthy society.

It’s not the end but the beginning of an uprising campaign to promote the ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ mantra. BIG 92.7 FM has chalked out some excellent on air properties that will help listeners deal with the slowdown, pumping up the happiness quotient. The market slowdown has caused listeners to behave in a conservative manner… BIG FM is all set to bring the people who changed the rules of business, with their motivational thoughts. The Station will host Guru Mantra – a section which will host visionaries, CEO’s, business leaders etc. on tips on how to stay motivated at the workplace, how to secure their job, manage expenses and other tips on survival during the tough times. BIG FM also promises listeners their daily dose of The BIG Laugh, covering pegs of humor, cost effective entertainment options, budget traveling and much more.

Some of the other offerings on the station will include best deals on shopping, holidays, best deals on groceries, best airfare and much more. The music mix on the station will be in complete sync with their mood during the given day part, which promises to leave listeners feeling happy!

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ramesh Bhaskar, Station Director – BIG 92.7 FM Hyderabad said, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy, has been conceptualized keeping in mind the prevailing mood of the society, helping them deal with the slowdown and pumping up the happiness quotient. We are committed to creating superlative content and entertaining our listeners and are doing just that basis our clear understanding of requirements. Am thankful to the industry for supporting the initiative. Through this initiative on the world laughter day, BIG 92.7 FM’s ‘Do n’t worry be Happy’ brand campaign communicated the essence of being each other’s companion in the current times, and battle out the stress by always laughing and living the present and seeding the ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ mantra in our daily lives.

Reachout's News Bureau
 May' 2009

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