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-Hyderabad is now home for ‘an abode endowed with Bodhi’: a Mahayana Buddhist Meditation & Study Center Bodhi Sampanna, has been opened in the city-

Hyderabad|India|May'2009: The first initiative of Dharma Megha Foundation – Bodhi Sampanna, a Mahayana Buddhist Meditation & Study Center, was successfully launched in Hyderabad.

More than 50 people gathered for the inauguration ceremony held on the auspicious day of Buddha Poornima at Chitramayee State Gallery of Fine Art in City.

The ceremony started with a short prayer session to awaken the spirit of Bodhi. It was followed by a teaching on “The Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment - A Presentation of the Four Noble Truths”, the basis of the first discourse the Buddha gave seven weeks after attaining enlightenment.

Khangser Rinpoche, a renowned teacher from Sera Jey Monastic University in Karnataka, explained in detail what the Truths of suffering and its causes, the cessation of suffering and the noble path to cessation of suffering are, and how they can be related to our daily life.

Further Rinpoche touched upon the most profound concept of the Buddhist philosophy - the concept of Emptiness or Dependent Origination. He reminded that Andhra Pradesh is the birthplace of Arya Nagarjuna, who is on the account of the breadth and profundity of his teachings is widely acknowledged as the second Buddha. The pandit’s most important work - “The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way” - presents the most incisive interpretation of the Buddha’s teaching on the Law of Dependent Origination.

Meditation session followed after Khangser Rinpoche gave a brief description of different meditation techniques.

During lively Q & A session the questions varied from “what is “I”, “self”, “selflessness” and “emptiness” to “whether one should express anger and other negative emotions when dealing with difficult situations”.

Bodhi Sampanna, whose name means ‘an abode endowed with Bodhi’, is a center for the study and practice of Mahayana Buddhism, following the lineage and example of Lord Buddha and the lineage masters from the ancient Nalanda University. The center offers teachings on various aspects of the Dharma and courses in meditation techniques by highly learned and accomplished lamas for free.

The next teaching will be given by Geshe Nyima Tashi, who’s involved in “Buddhism & Science” program in Sera Jey monastic University. The teaching is to be conducted in the beginning of June.

Bodhi Sampanna is the first initiative of Dharma Megha Foundation, a newly established cultural and educational institution that aspires to play a role in reviving the Prajna Paramita tradition in India, the land of its origin, and introduce to the precious teachings of the Buddha as many Dharma aspirants as possible.

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 May' 2009

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