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GVK takes over management of EMRI

EMRI becomes GVK  EMRI

Hyderabad|India|June'2009: Subsequent to the induction of Dr. GVK Reddy as the Chairman, the Governing Board of EMRI met on 3rd June, 2009. 

Three new independent persons of eminence have been inducted to the Board - Dr. Abid Hussain, Retd. IAS, Former Ambassador of India to the USA, Mr. D.R. Kaarthikeyan, Former Director of CBI and former Director General in National Human Rights Commission, and Mr. A. Ramakrishna, former Dy. MD & President of L&T-ECC.

Existing four independent Directors - Mr. Rajat  Gupta, Chairman, ISB and Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company; Prof. Raj Reddy, Carnegie Mellon University; Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, President, Lok Satta and Mr. Krishnam Raju, Secretary, Indo-American Cancer Society continue to remain on the board.

GVK is represented on the board by Dr. GVK Reddy, Chairman, Mrs. G Indira Krishna Reddy, Mr. GV Sanjay Reddy, Vice Chairman and Mr. Som Bhupal (Mr. Krishnaram Bhupal as alternate Member). 

Consequent to GVK taking over the management of EMRI, Governing Board has approved the name of EMRI to be changed as “GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute”, reflecting the commitment of GVK to ensure that the life saving emergency response service is strengthened further on all aspects including scale, speed, quality, performance and governance. 

Dr. GVK Reddy, Chairman wished that this service to humanity should continue and be strengthened further. He said that he was committed to serve the nation and would work towards taking the organisation across the Country.

Mr. Sanjay Reddy, Vice Chairman said that the GVK EMRI will provide services surpassing global standards with improved transparency following the modern principles of management and leadership. 

The other board members expressed their deep appreciation to GVK for coming forward to rescue EMRI at this crucial juncture and promised their continuing support.

GVK EMRI (then EMRI) launched the 108 Emergency Response service on the 15th of August , 2005 in Hyderabad in  Public-Private Partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Having started operation with barely 15 ambulances,  GVK EMRI  today  operates nearly 2000 ambulances in 9 states ( Andhra Pradesh , Gujarat , Uttarakhand , Goa , Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam and Meghalaya) serving a population of  368 million people . An average of 200+ lives are saved everyday, these are the lives that would have been lost in the absence of the 108 emergency response service.

GVK EMRI is a non profit organization in the PPP model.  95% of the cost is funded by the respective state Governments.   GVK EMRI has tie ups with over 6800 private and Govt. hospitals to ensure immediate patient stabilization on admission to the hospitals.  A completely free service, anyone, anywhere in the operational states can call the toll free number 108 for any emergency (Medical, Police, Fire) and help will reach them in an average of 15 minutes in an urban area and 20 minutes in rural areas .

Apart from the 9 states, two more states, Madhya Pradesh & Punjab have signed an MOU with GVK EMRI to replicate a similar model of Emergency Response Service in the states. The vision of GVK EMRI is to provide free emergency response services for Medical, Police and Fire emergencies across India by 2011 in PPP framework and to respond to 30 million emergencies and save 1 million lives annually.

On 26 May 2009, Mr. GVK Reddy was requested to join the EMRI board and support it. He agreed to support and accepted the invitation. Mr. GVK Reddy was unanimously elected as the Chairman of the Governing Board of GVK EMRI.

GVK EMRI Fact File

     Established in April 2005
First launched the 108 Emergency Response Service in Hyderabad in Aug. 2005 
368 M population covered  in 9 States
91% calls taken in first ring
9,300+ emergencies handled (3.6 Million cumulative)
Pregnancy related - 25%, Vehicular Trauma – 22%, Acute Abdomen – 14% Cardiac –4%, Suicidal – 4%, Respiratory – 4%, Animal Bites 3%
1,936 Ambulances  (Andhra Pradesh-752, Gujarat-402, Uttarakhand-90, Goa-18, Tamil Nadu-198, Rajasthan-164, Karnataka-150, Assam-147, Meghalaya-15)
Ambulances  reached < 15 minutes  (urban) and < 25 minutes (rural)
200+ lives were saved per day (80,000+ till now) 

Reachout's News Bureau
 June' 2009

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