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Hyderabad to be made a world class city

Traffic in city will be restructured
A.P. to be made No.1 destination of investors

Hyderabad|India|July'2009: The Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy decided that Hyderabad would be made a World Class City and Andhra Pradesh the most preferred destination of the investors in Asia. He wanted Andhra Pradesh to surpass the industrially advanced Gujarat and achieve the Number 1 position. Dr. Reddy directed the officials to make concerted efforts to achieve this goal in the light of the latest World Bank report.

The just released International Finance Corporation-World Bank report Doing Business in India 2009 show that Hyderabad is ranked second most preferred destination of the businessmen in India, next only to Ludhiana. Big metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkotha fall behind Hyderabad.

The parameters on the basis of which the report was prepared include starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering property, paying taxes, enforcing contracts, trading across borders and the ease of closing business. In respect of important parameters like enforcing contracts, closing a business are concerned, Hyderabad ranked number 1 in the country. The Main finding of the study is that doing business is easier in Ludhiana & Hyderabad and more difficult to start and operate a business in Kochi and Kolkotha. If other States also initiates reforms to cut the time of issuing construction permits to that of Hyderabad --- 80 days, it would put India ahead of Germany, the report says.

The Chief Minister expressed happiness that in spite of being an agrarian State, Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad could achieve this distinction. It has now surpassed cities and States known for only industrialisation. Big investments in the State which was only on papers till 2004, were grounded only due to the meticulous planning coupled with relentless efforts of this government. With the Greenfield International Airport, Pharmaceutical, B.T. & I.T. hubs, number of International Research Labs, Centres of Excellence, best infrastructural facilities etc., Hyderabad today is way ahead of other cities in attracting investments. Besides Andhra Pradesh is now known for a proactive government, best industrial policy, lowest power tariff, good climate, political stability & and overall peace to help attract huge investments into the State.

A Master Plan covering the GHMC area will be ready in just 3 months time and many projects are already on the anvil. The Chief Minister said the GHMC area will be connected all along the Outer Ring Road by rail and road. He said plans are afoot to make the City the transit halt between Europe and China. The traffic bottlenecks in the city will be removed and road widening works in the city will be taken up on war footing and completed, he said. The Chief Minister admitted that the vehicle population in the city has been more than all expectations and even the population of the GHMC area is bigger than some of the States and small countries in the world.

The Chief Minister said once the daily water supply and power self-sufficiency becomes a reality in Hyderabad and other urban areas, Andhra Pradesh would be top in the world map as far as investors' destination is concerned. He said the State Government is making all out efforts to make the city internationally competitive with world class infrastructure and services. His vision is to develop the city of Hyderabad on par with World-class Cities like Singapore, Shanghai, Kaula Lampur etc; provide better civic amenities with planned development compared to Mega cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatha and Chennai; develop an inclusive city wherein all world class infrastructure, entertainment and other facilities are available at the most reasonable cost.

He wanted to ensure better planning and focused development, more equitable devolution of finances and utilisation of resources. Dr Reddy wants to ensure uniform enforcement and administrative structure, facilitate improved and high standard of civic services. The Government has plans to connect all the existing railway stations, MMTS stations and contemplated Metro Rail Line; widening of Inner Ring Road, fast completion of Outer Ring Road, Connecting the international Airport from any corner of the city etc.to solve the traffic problems in the city and surrounding areas.

Scientific disposal of solid waste in GHMC area has been awarded to M/s RAMKY Enviro Engineers Limited. Out of total project cost of Rs.908.54 Crores, GHMC committed for sanction of Rs.250.00 Crores under JNNURM (Government of India Rs.175 Crores, Government of A.P. Rs.75 Crores). Detailed Project Report for Road widening to de-congest the traffic in the core area and improving the connectivity of core and peripheral area costing Rs.550 Crores is submitted to Government of India for sanction under JNNURM. Parks will be developed all around the Hussainsagar Lake and along the Necklace Road as part of the beautification of the Lake.

Dr Reddy said proposal for sanction of MMTS under Phase-II at an estimated cost of Rs.614 Cr. is pending with the Ministry of Railways for providing connectivity from Secunderabad to Medchal--28 Kms, Falaknuma to Shamshabad--20 Kms, Secunderabad to Ghatkesar--19 Kms. Infrastructure works costing Rs.5551 Cr. sanctioned, and works costing Rs.2765 Cr. completed after formation of GHMC. He said once the Godavari water for City Phase I and II are completed, entire GHMC area will get daily water supply of a minimum of 3 to 4 hours. Some of the core areas of the city are to get 24x7 water supply, he said. Over 200 New colony parks are being developed with Rs.20 cr., 52 parks completed; remaining 148 will be completed by Oct 2009.

Reachout's News Bureau
 July' 2009

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