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Autorickshaw - No Longer Just A Transport Option

Auto rickshaw advertisements gives the freedom to do what a brand promoter wishes to do for their brand development, on a wide spread area of auto rickshaw.

Hyderabad|India|December'2009: Many a small things has been made large by the right kind of advertisement. The additional exclusively new strategy for endorsement of your brand individuality is now the animated face of auto rickshaw. The established structure of advertisement are becoming less vigorous in action because it reaches a group of specific individuals with difficulty or maybe not at all. Auto rickshaw advertisements gives the freedom to do what a brand promoter wishes to do for their brand development, on a wide spread area of auto rickshaw. The impressive loud logos with its exceptional size cant be overlooked, neither can it be thrown out or switched off . When you want to reach everybody, no matter what it reaches them without their knowing. Maximise your brand exposure to on-road traffic in a distinguished new style, colour on an immeasurable space.

To reach the target customer, says Divyansh Batra, Plannet Media, the recognition of your brand name, to keep its name in front of public eye is important. The fact of endorsing your product allows you to sell more. It gives a loud colourful review to potential customers, by an average 18 hours of exposure every day. The prime spots for advertisement are - autorickshaw hood, backseat, driver's seat, inside side panels and inside front screen top. Advertisements displayed inside panels reach passengers who spend about 3O min with them, also to have an additional information, don't be astonished at the auto driver's knowledge and assistance of handing over you the brochures for new offers and information. The outside panel would be animated with bright colours, logos and message which can attracts people in just few seconds. So, now you know how to keep your customer engage to make you remember.

Being the only one of its kind, this self moving advertisement ensures it reaches more people everywhere about 200 km a day all around city. Only in a short period of time, the brand advertisement will be identified even by those lacking awareness without their conscious thought.

Sharing the benefits of this innovation says Rachita, Plannet Media, "A single auto covers 1,OO,OOO people in a campaign of three months. So its not about the number of autos you can bear to afford because its inexpensive as compared to all other mediums and also you simply must do, if u want your business to succeed. So isn't it a pleasing piece of news for all the brand promoters, 'Promotion in Motion' is what we call it at Plannet Media".

The expressive face of auto rickshaw advertising is fun and appealing to eyes as well as mind because its reflective surface shines bright like a moonlight in night. Plannet Media's association with largest two-wheeler manufacturer, a telecom giant and some other advertising units has been expanding this concept with concerted efforts. The finest part about this endeavor of Plannet Media is the extra income provided to auto rickshaw drivers and owners which is absolutely tax free. To meet day to day expenses, extra monthly income is also contributed to their disposable income.

Reachout's News Bureau
 December' 2009

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