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 Indo Global Education Summit 2010 to be held in City 

Hyderabad|India|October'2010: Indo Global Education Summit 2010 is a unique event which is being organised from 3rd December to 5th December in Hyderabad, India as sequel to the highly successful Indo American Education Summit held in November 8-13, 2009 in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi. The Summit 2010 is going to be held at Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India will have sessions on Engineering & IT, Business & Management, Life Sciences & Biomedicine, Arts &Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. 

During the Summit, there will be one-on-one meetings between representatives of foreign universities and those of Indian institutions for academic collaborations.  Summit 2010 is specifically designed for top managements including presidents, chief executives, vice-chancellors, provosts, deans, enrolment officers, placement officers and their executive level team members. 

An important feature of the Summit would be presentation of awards to Indian institutions in recognition of their educational excellence in the fields of arts, commerce, science, law, engineering and Medicine.  Activities during the summit include presentations by foreign and Indian participants, interactions between Indian institutions and foreign universities for academic collaborations and guidance of Indian students for study in India and abroad. 

The summit will be a fast-paced, well designed program, providing Indian institutions with valuable exposure to a large number of foreign universities from around the world.  The summit will help Indian institutions achieve excellent results in terms of academic collaborations and recruitment of students. 

Highlights of Summit 2010 are

        Most comprehensive educational event of its kind ever held in India

        Convergence of who is who of the huge Indian educational system

        Participation by an estimated 200 top universities from around the world

        Participation by an estimated 1000 Indian educational institutions

        Attendance of an estimated 10,000 Indian students

        Recruitment sessions with Indian students

        Collaborations in various Academic fields

        Presentation of awards for educational excellence


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