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 Special Drive against Auto Rickshaws in City

Hyderabad|India|October'2010: There has been iincrease in complaints against Auto ickshaws in Hyderabad City and hence the  The special drive against Auto Rickshaws by the Hyderabad Traffic Police has been restarted in City. This time, the Road Transport Authority and the Legal Metrology Department will also be involved in the special drive. In the first one week drive against Auto rickshaws from 27-09-2010 to 01-10-2010, a total of 21,964 cases registered against Auto rickshaws and Rs.14,41,685/- was collected as fine amount. During this campaign, it was realized that the auto rickshaw drivers are tampering with the digital meters to increase the fares. One week time was given to the owners/drivers of auto rickshaws to;

a) Take steps to remove all extra wires, etc. which are being used to tamper the meters.

b) Install a 20 cm x 20 cm size Display Board with details of the owner name, auto registration No. and Help line Nos. on them as per A.P.M.V.Rule 269.

c) Install a transparent plastic cover sheet on the rear of the auto as per Rule 100 sub-section-ii (2) of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

During this week, meetings have been held with the Transport and Legal Metrology Departments and it has been decided to conduct joint drive from 11-10-2010 (Monday) onwards. While focusing on the above 3 aspects, the Traffic Police will continue to book the other violations committed by auto rickshaw drivers.

One lakh pamphlets printed in Telugu and Urdu mentioning certain “guidelines” to the auto rickshaw owners and drivers are being distributed to all auto drivers, board manufacturers, mechanics, etc., so that they can take up rectification as per guidelines given.


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