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Unveiling NextGen Leaders

A nonprofit Organization that enables building  thousands of Industry Ready, Nation Ready & Global Ready Leaders from India

Hyderabad|India|March'2011: India’s population is near 1.2 billion today and it will further grow in the next two decades. Is the population an asset or a liability? External world perceives that the population in India is an asset due to its huge talent pool etc., But in reality, a lot of effort has to be put in by India to TRANSFORM the people into real asset. While India is investing trillions of dollars in this decade on infrastructure to improve the quality of citizen life, probably an equal amount to has be invested to transform the population into a Quality Human Capital, which is can be the greatest asset of any nation in today’s knowledge economy.

Human capital is the knowledge, skill, and experience that an Individual possesses. Every individual like student, teacher, parent, employee, employer, government officer, entrepreneur, worker, political leader possess the knowledge, skill and experience in their area of industry/function/domain like healthcare, retail, banking, manufacturing, finance, supply chain, procurement etc.,

Most of the individuals failed in their career and life even they possess knowledge, skills and experience in their respective domain/function. This is mainly because they lack knowledge, skills and experience in ‘Leadership Domain’

In the knowledge economy, every individual was expected to possess the knowledge, skills and experience in ‘Leadership Domain’. Leadership domain is the powerful tool, which orchestrates one’s own behavior and others behavior in a positive manner and assures the probability of success.

In order to exploit this to the fullest, NextGen Leaders was unveiled in city which is a nonprofit organization with a philosophy that Leaders are not only born but also can be developed. Every Individual has to put laser sharp focus on building their leadership skills. NextGen Leaders organization’s aspiration is to build ecosystem, environment and platform for nurturing leadership skills of individuals to become self-ready, family-ready, industry-ready, nation-ready and global-ready. NextGen Leaders Organization will focus on building global leadership knowledge & skills standards, tools, and techniques, conduct research in leadership to improve the socio economic status of individuals and influence the policy makers, industry, government to inculcate Leadership culture said, V. Srinivasa Rao (VSR), President, NextGen Leaders.

Senior leaders from various organizations have joined in view of giving back something to society and started this nonprofit organization. Dr. Subhash. Rastogi, VP, HCL technologies, Mr. Suresh Chandra, Entrepreneur & Advisor for infrastructure domain, Mr. Ramakrishna, CEO of Efftronics, Mr. Sanjay Reddy, CEO of Gemini TV (Telugu), Mr. Hirdesh Singhal, AVP, Mahindra Satyam, Ms. Veena Yamini, Senior Analyst, MicroSave and Mr. V.Srinivasa Rao (VSR), Vice President, Mahindra Satyam are the founding members of the NextGen Leaders organization.


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