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Cheating under the guise of Treasure Trove in land-One held in City

Hyderabad|India|March'2011: The Commissioner's Task Force, North Zone team arrested one person who is cheating the innocent people on the pretext of taking out of Treasure Trove in their lands and disappearing with gold and cash.

Gulam Rasheed Khan is native of Hyderabad. He is illiterate. He is doing electrician works. From 1995 to 1997 he was in Saudi Arabia as electrician. In the year 2000 he was arrested by Kamatipura Police in the same offence. Raza and Shakeel are his friends.

Gulam Rasheed Khan selects/approaches innocent superstitious people and make them believe that there is treasure trove in their land. Once they fall into his trap, he takes time and visits the place after few days. Generally he visits the place only after sunset. During the second visit he accompanies with one of his associate in a vehicle and carries a bowl. While Rasheed diverts the attention of the victim through his conversation and takes them to some corner of the land, the other associate plants the bowl in a pit in other corner of the land. After receiving signal from his associate, Rasheed approaches near the pit along with the victim and pretends to do the pooja. After some time Rashed points outs at the pit and asks the victim to check for the treasure in the pit. Once the bowl is taken out of the pit, Rasheed opens the bowl and shows the victim imitated gold jewelry and warns them not to touch. Rasheed further makes the victims believe that, there are some more treasure bowls in the land and pooja has to be conducted to take them out. He prepares an idol of Goddess with wax and advice the victim to get gold for decorating the Goddess and to do pooja to impress the Goddess to give power to take out treasure. Once the victim gets Gold, Rasheed decorates the idol with that gold and keep the idol in a temporary structure raised for this purpose. He tells the victim that, he requires couple of months of recoup his lost spiritual powers for taking out the remaining treasure from the pit and warns the victims that if they touch the idol the entire treasure disappears and will die with blood vomitings. During this entire episode Rasheed along with the associates collects as much amount as possible towards pooja and other expenditure and also take away the jewelry on the idol. The bowl is weighing about 100 Kilos filled with iron scrap and decorated with fake golden plates on the upside.

Sofar this gang cheated several persons in Zaheerabad, Bidar, Vattepally and other places. In Bidar they cheated one of the victims and escaped with 15 tolas of gold. In Cr. No. 99/2011 U/s 420 IPC pertaining to Bowenpally PS they cheated the victim to an extent of 17 Tolas gold and Rs. 70, 000/-.

On receiving a complaint about his activities, a special team of Commissionerís Task Force worked out leads and nabbed him.

The accused along with the seized property was handed over to PS Bowenapally for further investigation.

The arrest was made under the supervision of Sri V.B. Kamalasan Reddy, Dy. Commissioner of Police, Commissionerís Task Force by Sri V. Syam Babu, Inspector of Police, with the assistance of Sri.Y. Nageshwar Rao, S.Giri Prasad, K. Madhu Mohan Reddy, Inspectors, North Zone and Staff of North Zone Task Force Team, Commissionerís Task Force, Hyderabad.


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