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The makers of world famous Hyderabadi Haleem introduces Diet Haleem this Ramzan season

Hyderabad|India|August '2011: The mouth watering and delicious Hyderabad Haleem which has already earned its GI status is all set to go diet this Ramzan season .

The makers of the world famous Haleem, Majeed says that current years innovation would be launch of a diet Haleem , keeping in view of the demand of the younger generation for a reduced cholesterol content He said rising prices of ingredients had led to a hike in per plate (350 grms) of Haleem to Rs.80 this season. ‘In view of huge demand and need to serve the vast population Haleem will be made available at 220 outlets all over the city with kitchens set up at three locations to serve it hot to consumers’ he said.

Pista house has 200 haleem cooks specialized in all varieties of haleem including chicken, diet, and vegetarian and also export quality. It has also introduced a vacuum containers and vacuum bags to store and transport Haleem to retain its original flavor.

A Majeed ,president of the Hyderabad Haleem Makers association and also owner of the country’s largest Haleem trading house- Pista House says'. Non- Muslims consume forty percent of Haleem prepared during the season.

“We are exporting Haleem to nearly 50 counties including Singapore,Dubai, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia “.However Pista house will not export Haleem to either Pakistan or Bangladesh as both of them are not very friendly to India, he added However he predicted a fall in fall in demand this Ramzan season as it coincided with Shravan masam as nearly forty percent of cosumers hailed from the Hindu community.

Majeed said in view of huge demand from all sections a special kitchen and outlet is being set up in Bangalore this season. “Haleem outlets were at Shamshabad, Bengaluru and also Sahara airport of Mumbai.

Dr Syed Nusrath Farees, of Princess Esra Hospital said Haleem also contained anti-ageing ingredients due to presence of natural anti-oxidants like dry fruits. ‘Consumers will feel more energetic and young ‘, he said. Haleem is also known as a weight reduction recipe,he said .

Majeed said that Pista house has also introduced a 24 hour delivery service on SMS mode this year and had tied up with the GATI couriers for its home delivery package which cost Rs.290 per a one kg container in the city .

He said there were 6000 haleem makers in the unorganized sector in Hyderabad which had a huge market of Rs. 1000 crore including an export of 24 percent.


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