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An ideal marriage reception
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Hyderabad|India|April'2012: Have you ever heard of a charity activity in a wedding reception? It is unheard before… isn’t it? A philanthropic activity is carried out in a wedding reception in city recently. Interesting, read on…

Wedding reception is a party held after the completion of a marriage ceremony. It is held usually as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding, hence the name reception: the couple receives society, in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a married couple. But, for here is an ideal reception held recently in Pingali Venkatram Reddy Function Hall, Lower Tank Bund Road in Hyderabad.

The wedding reception of recently married Ainapur Vamshi Gupta and Shilpa, tagged with a community service. The reception was graced by people from ten voluntary organisations such as Arya Samaj School, Kavadiguda; Vedic Ashram, Home for the Aged and Home for the disabled. Alanbana, Vatsalya, Sindhu, Karunya Sindhu and others from these NGOs present to receive home utility items such as Refrigerator, Chairs, Printers, Blankets, Carpets, Books, Cooking utensils, playing equipment for children etc. These were donated by Dr.Ainpur Arvind Gupta and Dr.Savitha of Savita Nursing Home, Gandhinagar, Kavadiguda.

Idea struck Dr. Ainapur Arvind Gupta when he went for a marriage reception where he found for his surprise that a plate meal was charges about Rs 800/-. That is when he decided that whenever his son Mr. Ainapur Vamshi Gupta gets married he would invite less privileged children donate half of the money spent on food on utility items for those under privileged children. Mr. Vamshi Gupta who is working at Cummins Inc in USA wedded Ms.Shilpa Muppirishetty, daughter Muppirishetty Chandram and Pushpa on 13th February in Bodhan. And their reception was scheduled in city for the benefit of their family, relatives and well wishers in the city on 16th February.

Few days before the marriage Dr. Ainapur Arvind Gupta went around various NGOs in city and found what they wanted the most. Then he procured those utility items at a cost of several thousands and invited them on 16th for Vamshi and Shilpa's wedding reception. Local Former MLA and BJP leader Lakshman and others graced the function.

When asked why he did it, Dr. Arvind Gupta said “God wants me to. I feel better about myself. Others need, and I have. I want to share. It's only righ”. .

Over 2000 invited guests at the reception were surprised to see so many young boys and girls from various voluntary organisations. And were very glad to note that a solemn occasion like marriage reception is utilised to support the less privileged children. They appreciated the noble gesture of Dr. Arvind Gupta. It is definitely praise worthy initiative said Mr. Lakshman, former BJP MLA. There are many less privileged in our society. With great difficulty they get to eat two times a day. In such a scenario any little help will go a long way said, Mr. Lakshman.

Offlate marriages have become very costly affairs. It is the single biggest event of any ones life. For which every one want the best. So they don’t hesitate to spend also. A whopping Rs 1,90,000 crore is being spent annually on marriages in India. Everyone is trying to outdo each other in spending. In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. So gone are the days of simple weddings. Baraths trooping in fanning Rs 10 bundles. Lavish weddings are in things. The pandals are more like film sets now. Big fat Indian weddings are not just about the flamboyant colours, elaborate rituals, food, revelry and boisterous music — but also about glitzy and exotic locales. Industry experts now point out that a good wedding now takes place for about a crore and a half, even though the average wedding expenditure for a middle class family comes to about Rs 15 lakhs without the jewellery.

Some one needs to bell the cat. Government alone can not curb such practices. Every one should realise that they must avoid lavish weddings. And help the poor. That goes a long way. The government already has issued directives restricting number invitees for the wedding. Gurudwaras in Delhi already advise Sikh community people in that city to refrain from spending lavishly on wedding. Kerala too banned lavish weddings. Pakistan too has some restrictions.

An example like the one of Dr. Ainapur Arvind Gupta will motive more people to think of helping poor on the occasion of family wedding, reception, birthday and wedding anniversary. We have heard a gentleman who invited street children as guests to his son's marriage recently. Another family launched a Wedding Guide on the occasion of their family member wedding. Mr. Jackraiah and Mrs. Sujatha, residents of Parthani Towers, Golconda Cross Roads recently performed their daughter's marriage in a home for underprivileged in city.

These are the true people instead of blaming others, they took the initiative. And are living examples of Gandhiji's saying: "Be the change, you want to see in this society"

April 2012


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