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Seminar on Doing Business with China in City

Hyderabad|India|July'2012: Ties between India and China have undergone significant transformation in the last two decades. The engagement is broader and the relationship has acquired more substance. A key element of these changed ties is its economic component. From being an insignificant player, China is now India’s largest trading partner with more than US$ 70 billion worth goods traded last year. Indian and Chinese companies are setting up operations in each others’ countries, in some cases for the global markets. Indian IT companies are making serious moves in China, demonstrating their capabilities in banking, stock exchange and forex trading platforms. A number of Indian companies have set up their manufacturing facility in China to tap the large domestic market. Twelve Indian banks operate in China with various levels of licenses. On their part, Chinese companies have built an impressive record of exports and emerged as important suppliers for infrastructure projects in India. Many of them have also set up their manufacturing facility and R&D centres.

The leaders from the two countries have set the ambitious goal of reaching a trade volume of $100 billion by 2015. It reveals that the bilateral economic cooperation between India and China has entered a more vigorous and fruitful "new period" graduating from pure trade to investment-led-trade thereby making this growing partnership more sustainable.

In an effort towards enhancing Indian exports and investments into China, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organising a Seminar on Doing Business with China - Emerging Business & Investment Opportunities for Indian Companies on 27 July, 2012 at 0900 hrs at Hotel Taj Deccan, Hyderabad. The objective of the Seminar is to create awareness about the latest developments in China and emerging business and investment opportunities for Indian businesses.

The key topics to be discussed at these seminars include :
· Overview of China Economy and its growth
· India-China Trade – emerging opportunities & business potential

·Business Opportunities for Indian companies in sectors like
o Automobile & Auto components
o High-Tech Engineering
o Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
o Food Processing & Agriculture
o Banking & Finance

· Experience sharing of Indian companies doing business in China
· Modes of setting up operations in China
· Basic Business Laws and Tax regulations in China
· Financing options for doing business in China

The participation is targeted towards the senior management executives of Indian companies that are doing business with China or are keen to establish their business in Chinese market. Eminent speakers from leading Indian and Chinese companies apart from senior professionals in finance and taxation would be making presentations at these seminars. Government officials and academicians will also be sharing their views and experience during the deliberations.

For further details contact:
Confederation of Indian Industry
# 1-11-252/9, Plot No.7, 'Regal House'
Motilal Nehru Nagar, Begumpet
Hyderabad- 500 016
Tel: 040 - 2776 5964 / 66 / 67

Fax: 040 - 2776 6116

Email :

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July 2012

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