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Zinda Tilismath
 A world famous remedy for Cold from the city has been making waves since the last 80yrs

Hyderabad: Zinda Tilismath has almost become synonymous with Hyderabad. This unique product from the city has become a world famous remedy for Cold. People from all parts of the world apply Zinda Tilismath inside and outside of the nose for quick relief.

Zinda Tilismath is an ancient unani formula prepared from select herbs with the promise of 'Health from nature'.Zinda Tilismath is extremely effective in treating several common ailments like cough, blocked nose, Indigestion, Stomach disorder, & More.

It was in 1920 that a young man, Hakim Mohd. Moizuddin Farooqui having acquired a degree in Unani medicine  invented the liquid formulation  which still  remains the pharmacist's envy and patients's relief.

During the last 80 years there is no major change in its packing. The orange pack and the black Negro, the familiar trade mark, stands out.A Negro is considered a symbol of strength and his picture on the package means that the medicine offers strong protection. Macho Negros, locally known as Siddis, who formed the African Cavelry Guards of the Nizam, are believed to have inspired the company to go for the logo of Negro. And today it is as popular as the brand name.

The basic compound of course is Eucalyptus oil and the other ingredients include cinnamon, cloves, mint, loneple, black pepper, cardamom, alum, ferric oxide and omum seeds. Another important factor why many prefer Zinda Tilismath is that it can be used both internally and externally.Other products of Zinda Tilismath Karkhana like Farooqui tooth powder, Zinda Balm too have good market, but there is nothing to beat the flagship.

Their factory is located in Amberpet area. Neverthless Zinda Tilismath has become an house hold name in this part of the world just like what Tiger Balm is to the other parts of the world.

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