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1st Afro Asian games in city from Oct 24-Nov 1st

  Hyderabad is playing host to the first Afro-Asian Games, which will see delegates and dignitaries from over 120 countries representing Asia, Africa and few commonwealth countries. Players from 98 countries will take part in eight disciplines namely Athletics, Boxing Football, Hockey, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, and weightlifting.

The Opening Ceremony is on 24th October 2003 ar 17.30 hrs.The opening ceremony will showcase not only the culture of India but also imbide various facets of the cultures of two continents - Asia and Africa. It is estimated that close to 11,000 students from various schools and colleges will perform at the opening ceremonies.

The opening ceremony will exhibit an air show and other spectacular events, all of which will highlight India's superlative technical capabilities.

The six-time Pole Vault world champion from Ukraine, Sergei Bubka will attend the opening ceremony of the first Afro-Asian Games Scheduled to commence on October 24 2003. The mega international sports event will conclude on November 1, 2003. Bubka will be accompanied by his wife during the opening ceremony.

Sergei Bubka is the first man to clear 20 feet in both indoors and outdoors in 1991. He is the world record holder of indoor and outdoor pole vault. He also won the gold medal in 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The games will be held at The GMC Balayogi Athletic Stadium,The Lal Bahadur Stadium,The Shooting Range, Hyderabad Central University,The Acquatics Complex, GMC Balayogi Stadium,The Tennis Complex, Fatehmaidan,The Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Indoor Stadium.

The games are being organised by Government of India,Government of Andhra Pradesh,Indian Olympic Association and Afro-Asian Games Council.

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