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Amala Akkineni
The Animal Advocate of Hyderabad

Hyderabad: She was one of India's darling film stars-pretty, vivacious and a stunning dancer. Winning overnight fame in a Tamil film by famous director T. Rajender, she charmed cinegoers in a flurry of fifty films. After a series of success in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films, she walked away from the glitter of movie stardom and entered the hapless world of Hyderabad's sick, beaten and homeless stray animals.

Amala met her husband, Telugu film star Nagarjuna, when they were doing a film together. He is the president of their animal welfare organization, the Blue Cross of Hyderabad. Amala is the secretary, driving force and oversees all the day-to-day affairs of the BCH's three animal hospital/shelters.

Founded in 1992 by Amala Akkineni, the Blue Cross of Hyderabad is a registered society conducting animal welfare activities within the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad.The guiding principle of the Blue Cross of Hyderabad:" All animals are sentient beings. And whether they are domestic or wild, used in science, sport, the production of food, entertainment or any other field; they deserve freedom from cruelty."

The animal welfare projects of the Blue Cross are set up to benefit the stray (or wild) animals and birds of all species, or those belonging to economically backward communities - rescued from the street, homeless, abused, sick and dying or just in need of help. The services are: Animal rescue, treatment and shelter, prevention of cruelty, sterilization and vaccination of stray dogs and cats (ABC/AR), adoption of puppies, kittens and abandoned pets, rehabilitation of rescued wildlife, veterinary camps, and a mobile veterinary clinic for working equines funded by the Brooke Hospital for Animals, U.K.

The Blue Cross has a Junior Club movement to encourage animal welfare among children. Blue Cross Members liaison with Government departments to improve animal welfare State wide. Blue Cross Members inspect and supervise laboratories conducting animal experimentation, providing valuable expertise and guidance concerning animal welfare. Blue Cross inspects, trains and monitors animal welfare organizations in A.P State on behalf of the Animal Welfare Board of India. Blue Cross organizes and conducts relief work during natural calamities. Blue Cross coordinates and celebrates animal related events and provides information, articles to the press and media for spreading awareness on animal related issues.

The Blue Cross of Hyderabad Equine mobile clinic funded by the Brooke Hospital for Animals U.K., has been functioning since February 2000.Its mobile team treats working Horses, Mules, Donkeys and Ponies in and around the twincities.

Though Blue cross is her main work, she is active on other animal/environmental fronts as well.

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