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Abhishek Datt & Narsimha Rao
Team from Cyberabad takes on Microsoft by creating an alternative to Windows

Hyderabad: The team from Cyberabad is taking on Microsoft. Abhishek Datt & Narsimha Rao along with their team has created ELX LInux by integrating the best of software available in open source and free applications.

ELX has been founded in the year 2001 with the mission of providing class leading operating systems which provide a superior and cost effective alternative. In its endeavor to bring linux to the masses ELX has pioneered the ease factor of Linux and is today known for offering products which bring to users a potent combination of power and ease.

In a very short period of time, ELX launched two of the today's very popular Linux based Operating Systems, namely Power Desktop and Biz Desktop. ELX has a rapidly growing world wide user base of over 150,000. Taking advantage of its OS expertise, ELX has announced ELX-INSTA HIPAA Server, which is a unique integration of ELX customized OS with advanced web technologies.

"Linux For You" the leading Linux magazine in Asia, has rated ELX BizDesktop 2.0 as the Best Linux Distribution for an office environment. Here is an excerpt from its May 2003 Editorial:

ELX is now developing and is all set to launch its exiting server product and a real time operating system which can be used for defense , space and mission critical applications.

ELX was founded by its Chief Software Architect Abhi Datt. Abhi Datt is a graduate in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering. He is also a graduate in Business Management where he specialized in Management Information Systems. Being a Unix buff from college days it was his vision to bring Linux to the desktop.


Reachout's News Bureau
July' 2003

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