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The Bathini Goud Brothers

The Family with a wonder Fish Medicine for 'Asthma' draws World Attention

Hyderabad:  Every year in June, with the onset of monsoons, a family in Hyderabad draws thousands from all over the world for administering the fish medicine which miraculously cures Asthma. For the last 156 years the Goud family of Hyderabad have been offering an amazing cure for asthma based on 'the wisdom of the Sacred sages of ancient India.' 
Mr. Veeranna Goud used to distribute a pot of "TODDY" along with white bread to the laborers who had been working hard, 
making them quench their thirst and also creating merriment in their hearts. He was kind, generous and charitable by nature; he practiced charity by giving to the poor free of cost, a part of what was sold. 
In the year 1845, a holy man happened to meet Mr. Veeranna Goud. That holy man was impressed with Mr. Veeranna's nature and gave this secret formula of some miraculous "HERBS" and blessed the well and the place of administration of Medicine. He blessed Mr. Veeranna Goud with this gift and also instructed him to distribute this medicine "FREE of COST" to the sufferers of this dreaded disease. 

The secret formula of this wonder cure was passed to Shiva Ram Goud who later passed it on to Shanker Goud. Popularity of this cure was greatly gained during Shanker Goud's tenure. The practice flowed down to the five sons of Shanker Goud. Since then, the formula of the medicine has been found quite effective in providing a complete cure if taken by a patient for three consecutive years. It has been the practice of the GOUD family for the past 156 years to offer this medicine free to those who need it. 

The Bathini Goud Brothers
The present Bathini Goud brothers are only three viz. Mr Vishwanath Goud, Mr. Harinath Goud and Mr. Uma Maheshwar Goud. The eldest two brothers, Mr. Bathini Somalingam Goud expired in November 1998 and Mr Bathini Shiram Goud expired in December 1998. But these two elder brothers are represented by their elder sons. 

They administer the medicine on the day of "Mrigasira Karti" which normally falls between 7th or 8th of June. 

The Bathini Fish Medicine
At First this Bathini Fish Medicine is kept in the mouth of live Murrel Fish (Channa SP/Ophio Cephalus), 2 to 2.5" in size and the same is slipped into the mouth of each patient. The fish is slippery, so there is no problem in swallowing it. This live fish travels, wagging its tail and fins, through the throat and negotiates the phlegm congestion, providing a 100% cure if taken for three years consecutively with the Strict diet being followed according to their Instructions for 45 days. 


The wonder Fish Medicine of Bathini Goud Brothers is called as Bathini Fish Medicine. The importance is of the day and the place as this medicine is prepared with the well water, which was blessed by the holy man who passed the secret formula. The holy man also blessed the place for administration of Medicine which is "DOODH BOWLI (2 kms from the historic Charminar of Hyderabad). Keeping in view, the heavy rush and other law and order problems, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has agreed to prepare the 
Medicine at DOODH BOWLI with the holy well water and distribute the same at Exhibition Grounds. 

It is also very important that this wonder medicine is administrated on a particular nakshetra. Bathini Fish Medicine is given on MRIGASHIRA KARTHI nakshetra. Three doses of the extra medicine provided to patients to be taken on three successive Karthis, i.e., Arudra Karthi, punnavasu Karthi & Pushymi Karti which falls every fifteen days in the duration of 45 days. After taking Bathini Fish Medicine the patient has to be under strict diet control for 45 days, as suggested. 

As this is a natural medicine there are no known side effect of this medicine. 

A fish called 'Murrel' and a family called 'Goud' are indeed Reachout's 'Newsmakers'.


The Venue Exhibition Grounds, Nampally, Near Hyderabad Railway Station - (A.P.) 
The Fish at the Venue  is supplied by Dept. of Fisheries, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh - at the rate of Rs.5/- per fish. 24 sales counters will be opened at the Exhibition grounds and apart from 16 others outside the grounds.The counters will be open from 8am.For further assistance call them on 91-40-27531243
To Reach the Venue Distance calculated :
From Hyderabad Airport Just 6 kms. 
From Hyderbad Railway Station Walkable distance 
From Secunderabad Railway Station Just 6 kms. by bus nos.8, 7, 20, 40N 
From Jubilee Bus Station Just 8 kms. by bus nos.8, 7, 40N 
From Hyderabad Bus Station Just 3-4 kms. by the above mentioned bus nos. It is walkable distance from Afzalgunj 
From Koti Just 2-3 kms. Many buses are available. 

-Maju Kuriakose
Reachout's News Bureau

  June' 2003

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