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MF Husain
Signs 100 cr deal for 125 Paintings

Hyderabad: MF Husain, the acclaimed painter has signed Rs 100 crore deal with Mumbai based Swaropp Srivastava Group for a series of 125 paintings titled 'our Plantet called Earth'.
Hyderabad has been his adopted City and his wife and many of his relatives hail from the city. Infact he had purchased the land where the 'Cinema Ghar' is now housed, about 30 years back little knowing that it would one day shape into a art & Cinema museum. The entire building is quite magical with MF Husain's trade mark sketches cut out on the building itself.
It is a tribute to Indian cinema from the silence of Dada Phalke to the dazzle of Madhuri Dixit. It's not a museum where works

of Art and cans of films are embalmed to stay dead in the archives of history. Its a museum to celebrate life on canvas and silver screen like a village festival of live paintings on the walls and the moving images of song and dance on celluloid. Here the book-shelves contain words of film classics, Art forms, music from Bach to Beetles, Tansen to A.R.Rehman - Dance from Urvashi to Martha Graham to madam Madhuri and certainly not without the opening of Bill Gate.
A novel feature of the museum is the special section devoted to making films without sound and colour; like in the early history of Indian Cinema with the running commentary on one side and the harmonium and tabla, on the other. 
Every year there will be festival of specially made five-minute silent black and white films. The best entry will be awarded. Cinema Ghar will promote good cinema and also encourage original writing on cinema. It will store exhaustive information on world cinema and an archive of chosen classics.
A library and a 40 seater cinema theatre equipped with Dolby sound ad DTS system will be the main feature of the Cinema Ghar here in Hyderabad.


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