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Hyderabadi American child prodigy to Create World Record

Shivani Rajesh Kadakia

(This news  covered by Reachout is the earliest coverage by any media  in India) 

Shivani Rajesh Kadakia, a 15 year old 12th standard child prodigy studying in San Clemente High School at San Clementte, United States of America, a grand daughter of Hyderabad based Jayanthilal M Kadakia is all set to go on a adventurous sea Scooter ride in a sea infected with Sharks to create the Guinness Book of world Records. Her drive of 575 miles on a Jet Ski Watercraft is being sponsored by Kawasaki, Japan. The skater ride to begin from 11th August,2000 from San Francisco Bay Area to Dana Harbor in USA, will go on till 20th August to cover the target destination.

              This was announced at a Press conference here in Hyderabad by her proud grandfather. Shivani will be received by 700 students with band and music at Capstone Beach Harbor, the starting point of her ride. She will be accompanied by her 13 year old brother Neil Rajesh Kadakia, a 10th standard student, as her team mate.

              The event which costs approximately 1 million US dollars is being sponsored by the Kawasaki Motor Corp, who is also providing the necessary equipment such as water scooter. walkie-talkie telephone, food, siren to drive away sharks etc.

             The purpose of the event as informed in the e-mail sent by Neil Kadakia, brother of Shivani is to raise money for the local San Clemente High School to provide a computer and technology lab for the high schoolers and for the Muscular Dystrophy Association to send kids to summer camp.

             Giving further details Shivani, in her e-mail informed "We are starting in the San Fransico Bay, and we will be stopping at different harbors along the way. The run finishes on 20th August'00 in Dana Point Harbor. We will have two boats with us at all times. Also, because the water is very cold, we each have about 35 pounds of underwater equipment including scuba suits, jet-ski wetsuits, radios, EPIRBS(which are connections to satellites in case we get lost in the fog or in the ocean to contact electronically the Harbor Patrol so that they can pick us up by helicopter). We also have strobe lights, underwater lights, specially modified jet-skis, helmets, googles, etc

    Further she stated that 'the boats are equipped with radar and satellite navigations systems, the boats have two engines incase of one failing. We are capable of going at 70 miles an hour in the water and in bad weather can go as slow as 10 miles an hour. We will be 35miles out in the ocean away from land at some parts of the coast, where the fog is incredibly thick and you can't even see land. To date nobody has done this event in USA ".

             Shivani is the daughter of a highly successful Indian American doctor parents-Mr. Rajesh Jayanthilal Kadakia, an emergency Physician and Ms.Darshana R. Kadakia, a Pulmonary specialist. Shivani infact bagged the sponsorship from Kawasaki on her own without anybody's help.

             Shivani, who is 2 years ahead of her age in education was a U.S. National Spelling Bee Champion in 1997 and a twice winner of Mr. Bill Clinton, US President's Education Awards Program. She was also featured in the Who's Who Among American High School Students for 1998-1999 school year.

             Reachout is proud to feature about Shivani just before her historic ride and we wish her all the best for her brave attempt and in the coming 10 days we pray for the successful completion of her 10 days world record 575 miles sea scooter ride. Who says Hyderabadis were not adventurous. Now a child is all set to lead the way...

-News report filed by Mr. Maju Kuriakose ,10th August'00,3PM.Hyderabad


 21st August'00 :News has just come in that Shivani has successfully completed her trip .Many congratulations for her daring attempt.Stay tuned for more report on her trip.... 

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