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Sharad Gupta
One of the prime talents in Ghazal singing to emerge from Hyderabad


Hyderabad,: Sharad Gupta's life has been a musical journey with an uncommon rhythm. Over the years he has blossomed into a seasoned musician with remarkable mastery over his distinct vocal ability. Be it Ghazals, Bhajans or even Film songs, his pliability to numerous musical genres is a testimony to his illimitable God-gifted talent. Bequeathed with a hundred year old Jewellery legacy, Sharad never allowed music to take a back seat in spite of his family business errands. In fact, music has been his source of inspiration not just professionally, but also in every facet of his life.

Coming from Totaram Sagarlal family, the legendary jewellers of Hyderabad,
his life was all set to be bejeweled with family business responsibilities with no place for music. But having heard the raaga of his heart at a very tender age, his aspirations saw no boundaries, his voice was waiting to delight millions of music aficionados across the world. To put it straight, music was well entrenched in him right from the very beginning...he was born to sing.

Having observed a discernible musical intent in Sharad right from his school days, his parents were only too delighted to put him on the path of his dreams. He started learning the basic notations of Indian classical music at the age of 7 and from then on, it was just a matter of time.

The harmonic progression
For Sharad, music was his soul mate, his best friend right through his growing years. He trained with various gurus and learned the nuances of music, vocal modulations and seamless singing. Under them, he nurtured his talent, put his fears to rest and focused on mastering the art of melody.

Representing his college at a national level music competition at BITS - Pilani, he was chosen among the top 5 out of 400 odd participants by none other than Pankaj Udhas ji, the Ghazal maestro. Having been lauded and encouraged by such an inspiring singer of our times, Sharad took to music with renewed vigour. As time passed by, he matured into an accomplished singer with enviable versatility.

It all happened on a fine evening in 1989, when Sharad’s melodious performance at a family function caught the eye of Anup Jalota ji, the iconic Bhajan singer, who was also present at the function. Thoroughly mesmerized by the young sensation, and having seen a gifted performer in him, Anup Jalota ji advised him to come to Mumbai to get a clear vision of what he was destined to be.

That was enough for Sharad to move to Mumbai in search of his true potential. His search first stopped with Pt. Ajay Pohankar ji, who gladly accepted him as a worthy apprentice, and later moved on to Pt. Paresh Jana ji. Under them, Sharad discovered his true self, lost himself in the harmony of his dreams and blossomed into a fine vocalist until family responsibilities summoned him back to Hyderabad.

The beginning of a new melody
Sharad started playing a pivotal role in his family business, but music still remained his first love. He continued to be in touch with Anup Jalota Ji and tuned himself into a performer par excellence. His concerts always enjoyed commendable audience, who were left spellbound by Sharad’s honeyed voice. Within no time, he saw himself singing to a global audience,giving performances across the world. Everyone who wanted an original voice, a unique style and a timeless quality knocked Sharad’s doors.

His uncompromising efforts in the field of music were awarded with a golden opportunity, when a recording company invited him to cut a Bhajan album. Thus a dream called “Hey Prabhu Mere” took shape in the alluring voice of Sharad Gupta. The album cut across age barriers and appealed to one and all. The world stood up and applauded the arrival of this new singing sensation.

Today, Sharad is a name taken with great respect and is regarded as one of the prime talents in Ghazal singing to emerge from Hyderabad after the illustrious Talat Aziz ji. Apart from his albums and solo performances, Sharad is all set to foray into the charismatic world of film playback singing.

Some we enjoy, some we clap, some we remember…but some voices will keep reminding us of the eternal beauty of music in our lives, why we listen to music in the first place. That’s the magic of Sharad Gupta.The man with a silken voice.

August' 2008

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