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Sanjiv Sidhu,i2 Technologies Inc

The fastest Growing Hyderabadi in the world is now the NRI of 2000


ReachoutHyderabad.com had featured Mr.Sanjiv Sidhu as its "Newsmaker"in August 2000 as the "Fastest Growing Hyderabadi in the world" and now he has been named as the NRI of 2000 by the International Magazine-NRI World in January 2001.

In the  August issue of Fortune Magazine's listing of the top 100 fastest growing 
companies, his company was among the only two Indian companies featured in that elite list. According to Fortune, the companies listed have seen their profits and revenues rising at least 30 per cent per annum over the past three years.

i2 Technologies, a supply-chain management firm headed by Sanjiv Sidhu,is 8th on the Fortune list and the highest among the Indian Americans.Sidhu,who hails from Hyderabad, is ranked among the world's billionaires by Forbes. Seeking to be a one-stop shop for companies buying and selling on the Internet. 

i2 creates innovative solutions that generate measurable value for business.Their intelligent planning and optimization software, RHYTHM®, helps companies maximize efficiency, collaborate with suppliers and customers, conduct intelligent eBusiness over the Internet, and become more responsive to market demand. i2's world-class customers learn to make better decisions, faster than their competitors

Now the company is delivering  new set of solutions that enable BPO, or Business Process Optimization - a new layer of decision intelligence for planning and optimizing across multiple enterprises. BPO tightly integrates forward-thinking supply chain planning with every key business process - from superior product design to better customer relationships. With BPO, the clients  enterprise connects front-end Web applications with back-end process optimization for intelligent eBusiness.

The Dallas-based i2 recently brought two companies that compile information about  electronic and parts as well as about dealers. Its 3-year revenue growth has been 71 per cent and its revenue in the last four quarters stood at over $750 million and net income was over $58 million.i2 Technologies maintains offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Melbourne, Mexico, Munich, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto. 

His multinational team of more than 4,500 employees is considered one of the most experienced and highly-educated workforces in the business. The company's stock was up more than 600 per cent in the past year .Forbes valued Sidhu at $6.5 billion and ranked him 41st among 315 self-made billionaires. Among rich techies in Texas, Sidhu, alone with PC maker Michael Dell, beats the Bass brothers.

Blessed with an uncluttered perspective and an ability to see clearly through chaos, 
he has been the mainstay of the now-phenomenally successful i2 Technologies Inc. 

An engineer, just like his father, the Hyderabad-born 41-year-old Sanjiv also holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. The idea of running his own show was uppermost in his mind since he was working at Texas Instruments' Artificial Intelligence Laboratory while polishing his skills in analyzing and solving industrial scheduling problems. Based on the scientific observation that even the smartest people can only juggle nine variables when making decisions, he proposed a design for computer software based on artificial intelligence and advanced simulation techniques.

In 1988, Sanjiv had finally decided on his venture - i2 Technologies Inc. Short of staff, 
his pregnant wife then doubled up as a Technical Writer. With him was an ex-Texas Instruments programmer, Ken Sharma. Sanjiv observed that both share the same beliefs as far as work, ethics and customer service is concerned. 

Together they virtually dominated the entire market segment of scheduling / distribution. 
Ken's business approach gelled easily with Sanjiv's analytical mind and within a few years
their self-funded management software company grew into a raging multinational. 

His company went public in May 1995 with an initial offering of 2,530,000 shares priced at
$20 per share. Such was the euphoria over i2 Technologies that within two weeks of listing, the shares were being traded at $54 on the NASDAQ market. After the IPO,Sidhu still retains 64.5% of the company. 

Sanjiv had always believed that their superior market will turn the tide in their favour. 
His product was more efficient, provided a better way to order forecasts, monitor inventories, audit production capacity and record due dates. Small wonder that i2 has a dedicated following in clients like 3M, Caterpillar, Merck, Motorola, Bell Helicopter and Sony Music. 

Married to Lekha,the Sidhus have two children.

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