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B.Ganesh Sharma
Launches a website to combat traffic congestions

Hyderabad|India|:Commuting today has become a big problem with ever increasing traffic and fuel costs. Also depending on the public transport is inconvenient and demanding. Every section of the society is affected by this problem. Vehicle pooling (like carpooling etc.) or ride share i.e. an arrangement where commuters share a vehicle to travel seems to be a viable option, but is not all that easy to put together.  person might not be able to speak at all.

Hyderabad-based Saral Web Solutions comes up with citytrafficsolutions.org, an internet based service that facilitates vehicle pooling. Announcing the launch at a press conference in Hyderabad, founder of www.citytrafficsolutions.org, Mr. Bejagama Ganesh Sharma, said that the site also facilitates a social network amongst the users of this website. People working in the same company (area) and also residing in the same residential colony can create a social network not only for common conveyance purpose but also for any other purpose. Students also can be benefitted in the same way by this website. Mr. Sharma added, this website also addresses the interests of tourists, tour organizers, parking place seekers, parking place providers, auto / taxi drivers, and passenger vehicle operating organizations etc. and facilitates the optimum utilization of resources. The website now is in its beta version.

CityTrafficSolutions.org is conceptualized, designed and promoted by Mr. B. Ganesh Sharma, a Chartered Accountant, working for Maytas Infra Limited at a senior management level. He was helped by his son Krishna Prasad (11th class) and daughter Shruthi (10th class), students of Bhavan’s Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya (Sainikpuri, Secunderabad). Mrs. Anuradha, wife of Mr. Sharma also contributed in the construction of this website. The website was completed in about 10 months of time by a dedicated team supervised by Mr. Anil and directed by Mr. V. Manuj. Mr. Sharma also received moral support from some of his colleagues at Maytas in coming out with this website.

CityTrafficSolutions.org identified the people who are connected with the traffic problem & solution and divided them into two main categories, viz. Seekers and Facilitators. This website connects them through Registration and Search. People belonging to various categories can register under this website and their details can be seen by any of the interested parties through Search and they can contact the registrants. This website encourages the common conveyance / shared conveyance facility and facilitates two wheeler pooling, car pooling, office bus / school bus / college bus pooling, tourists / pilgrims pooling etc.

Worldwide, automobiles contribute a major portion of the carbon dioxide emissions and the same is rising at a fast pace. Finding ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels is the only way in slowing the climate change process; and the fastest way to do that is to have fewer automobiles on the road by increasing the number of passengers per vehicle, Mr. Sharma said. The website through its pooling concept promotes the optimum utilization of vehicles, reduces the number of vehicles on roads, traffic jams and traffic congestion, monthly vehicle maintenance costs, driving/ travelling time & effort, pollution and pollution related diseases, global warming effect on earth. And the site also aims to help conserve fuel reserves and foreign exchange for petroleum importing countries, which for India could result in a few thousand crores. Mr. Sharma says, "Every vehicle reduced on the road is equal to planting many trees to protect the environment".

The website benefits Governments, Traffic Police, Municipalities, Educational Institutions, Private & Government Companies etc. and also discusses various business/ self employment opportunities emanating from the use of this website. As Mr. Sharma says, this website will be a boon to all sections of the society, especially to students and employees.

CityTrafficSolutions.org addresses the safety issues generally associated with vehicle pooling. No one wants to ride with a stranger. The difficulty of knowing each other is addressed by the site. Mr. Sharma suggests that before entering into any private conveyance sharing by vehicle pooling, one must check the credentials and reliability of other persons and take some references wherever required. A user may ask for visiting card, identity card, residence phone number, residential address proof etc. of the other person, with whom he would like to share the conveyance. For safety reasons, the site discloses only the name, sex, age, mail ID and contact numbers of the registrants and does not disclose the full residential address.

Reachout's News Bureau
November' 2008

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