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Renowned aviation historian P Anuradha Reddy to chronicle the history of aviation in Mumbai

Hyderabad/India/July'2009: In a first of its kind for the city of Mumbai, renowned aviation historian P Anuradha Reddy has embarked on a unique initiative to chronicle the glorious history of aviation in the city. Dating back to developments that shaped the history of aviation in the pre-independence era, and with the objective to capture and document this gradual transformation over the years, this is in line with her earlier efforts that includes some pioneering work in both Delhi and Hyderabad.

As a part of this initiative, Mrs. Reddy has invited people to share any data, facts, figures, case studies, documents, references, trivia and images pertinent to the aviation space in Mumbai. One can send in their contributions to aviationhistorybombay@gmail.com

Highlighting the need for such an initiative, Mrs. Reddy stated, “It is imperative for the younger generation to understand how various agencies have contributed immensely to the evolution of the sector right from the time when flying was seen as a luxury meant for the affluent only. As of today, the rich and magnificent history of aviation in Mumbai including countless individual anecdotes have not been collectively documented anywhere or by anyone. This initiative, more than anything else is a consolidated effort to possibly have a ready reckoner on the history of aviation in this city that all future generations can refer to”

Elaborating on her plans, she further added, “It is also important to recognize the crucial role played by the Indian Air Force and most significantly the military during the early days of aviation in the country and its financial hub. In fact as a part of this effort, I would like to call upon all aviation enthusiasts, people who have been associated with the industry at any point in time, and those currently part of the sector directly or indirectly, to contribute interesting information be it images or any trivia that they possess or may have collected over a period of time”

In the past, Mrs. Reddy, one of the few aviation historians that India has, has done some pioneering and extensive work on Indian Aviation. In 2002, she authored a book “Aviation in the Hyderabad Dominions”, which was the culmination of a special article she was to author for a Hyderabad-based daily to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The book pays a tribute to the contribution made towards the development of civil aviation in the old Hyderabad State by the Nizam. In 2007, she put up an exhibition in the capital city of Delhi, which showcased the functional, technological and monetary changes that have taken place in the aviation space in Delhi from 1918 to date.

Reachout's News Bureau
July' 2009

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