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 Mr.Rajiv Gupta


Millions of websites on the world wide web hitherto unheard will soon get "e-speak", a revolutionary concept that is going to work the web.

Well we have for you as our Newsmaker an erstwhile Hyderabadi Mr.RAJIV GUPTA who has already been acknowledged as the "Tech guru of today".

This IIT Kharagpur graduate has been in the US since the last 15 years & is now working at HEWLETT PACKARD as the General Manager of the Open Services Operation(OSO).It is only because of him and "e-speak" that HP's stock in the share market had shot up by $35 billion.

Infact the concept of e-speak can change the way we do business on the web. A lot of frustration in getting information from the internet would end through e-speak. Acting as an 'infomediary' the tool can 'talk' to other sites and pull up the best-fit information for the browser without having to search the web or be flooded with search results which the surfer has to wade through to arrive at the right site.

For instance ,if the information being sought is about 'travel', then the 'e-speak' installed then talks to a travel site portal that offers ticketing services, hotel reservations, taxi booking and then offers what best suits your needs.

The other advantage is, if there are any last minute changes, then you don't have to get hassled. The site can again be given the information and all the cancellations will be taken care off.

Similarly, if there has been a change at the other end-the Airways, or the Hotel - those sites will proactively pass the information back and the user will be informed by the travel site either through mail, phone, mobile phone or pager.

Well that's it about Rajiv Gupta who is indeed working the web in a manner that's absolutely phenomenal and with his "e-speak" what a way to get on to the next millennium .A proud moment for every Hyderabadi and indeed a proud moment for the entire World Wide Web.

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