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Dinaz to participate in ‘Ms. Fitness Universe 2010’ &`Ms. Fitness World 2010`


Hyderabad|India|August'2010: Tollywood hero Rana Daggubati & other prominent Hyderabadi’s including Mr Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary, Tourism, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh; Cancer Specialist Dr Raghuram, bid adieu and wished Dinaz Vervatwala success, as she embarked on the most arduous endeavor in her career after Guinness Record – participating in the Ms. Fitness World 2010 and Ms. Fitness Universe.

Speaking on the occasion Rana said for Dinaz fitness is a passion, fitness is her middle name and is instrumental in making fitness a part of Hyderabadi’s life. Dinaz’s marathon aerobic feat was amazing and showed her strength and determination, these qualities will ensure in accomplishing the goal, I wish Dinaz success in the event, he said. Narrating his own experience, he said four years ago I was 128 kgs, one day I was surprised to see the top honcho of a Fortune 500 company working out at a Gym and inquisitively asked him the need for him to work out, his words, ‘If I am not fit, how can my company be fit’, acted like a tonic on me and the rest is history, he said. Jayesh Ranjan said, Dinaz accomplished a Guiness Record six months ago, anyone in her place would have relaxed with what she has achieved. But, Dinaz is not the one to rest; she is out to accomplish more. Dr Raghuram said, Dinaz has fire in her belly and is passionate about what she is doing. Dinaz speaking about her effort said, I am overwhelmed by this invite from the international body, being the first Indian to represent the country at the Pageant is the icing on the cake. Indians have proved to the world their worth in every field and this effort of mine is to etch India’s name in the World of Fitness. I need the good wishes of all Hyderabadi’s and Indians in fulfilling this dream.

India’s fitness diva, Dinaz has the rare distinction of being invited by the International Fitness Sanctioning Body (IFSB) for two most prestigious world fitness events - Ms. Fitness World 2010 and Ms. Fitness Universe, to be held in Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, USA on the 21st and 22nd August 2010. The International Body, recognizing Dinaz’s marathon aerobic performance - which fetched the Guinness record - invited her for both the ultimate Fitness competitions in the world, making her first Indian to take part in this world renowned 26 year old fitness competition.

Dinaz herself has put in a rigorous training routine for more than 5 hours a day for the last 5 months with various Indian specialists, from body building to gymnastics, personal training, yoga and a whole lot of other experts, who have been helping her to reach her goal and bring glory to the country. Her routine starts at 5 am with a mental strength and meditation; followed by yoga for 30 minutes. The body building routine begins with weight training to pump up every muscle to be displayed at the event. A practice session of the 90 second self choreographed routine followed by a session of cat walk and culminates with tips from fashion designer.

The International Fitness Sanctioning Body (IFSB) is the worldwide governing body for Ms Fitness pageants. Over 25 competitors from 30 countries are participating in the competition. The Ms Fitness pageant focused on healthy lifestyle, poise and grace, is pretty popular in Europe and USA and is a keenly followed event by both the fashion and fitness industry. The competition has a rigorous process involving three rounds of evaluation. The first round is focused on the contestant’s overall grooming; cosmetic appeal and public address skills. The second round focuses on muscle tone with clean, tight lines, reasonable levels of body fat, a totally fit body. The Competitor must demonstrate strength, flexibility, and endurance in an original 90 second fitness routine in the third round, demonstrating high level of execution of movements.

August' 2010

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