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Lalitha: Teen Painting Sensation

Hyderabad|India|October 2010: When students of her age are immersed in studies, music, films, iPods, social networking et all, 17 years old Lalitha Bandaru has made colours her world and brush strokes her expressions. While most of the youngsters prefer to relax after studies, she plays with colours and draws beautiful paintings. Painting from the tender age of five years and she has about 60 Oil and Acrylic Paintings and Innumerable number of Water colour paintings to her credit today. A dynamic painter, Lalitha says, “While I paint, I am so immersed in the process, that I am oblivious of time and my surroundings. I love to do more and more of it with passion and joy.” A prolific artist, she has an impressive collection of works for her age. She is versatile in moving between different mediums and she is equally comfortable playing with pastels, watercolors, acrylics and oils.

When I paint, the conglomeration of my sensory responses and imaginations manifesting on the canvas give me great strength and enhances my self-confidence, says Lalitha Her paintings are a mixture of landscapes, still life, and abstracts etc. and currently she is concentrating on the human figure. Doing more of Oil paintings now, her paintings have a lot of fluidity and movement and are colourful and lively. When Lalitha was a small child, her mother B. Rajeshwari, Principal, Sri Sai Siddhartha School noticed her natural ability in drawing and colouring, and encouraged her interest in painting.

Lalitha is a 1st year BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) student of Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad. She was Ranked No.1 in the Fine Arts and Design Entrance Test - 2010 of Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad. Though she applied and got admissions into various prestigious universities like UK’s Wimbledon, Camberwell, Lancestor and Kent Universities and San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), US and Chennai Fine Arts University, she could not go because of some personal reasons. She joined Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Hyderabad and is blossoming into a young artist to be watched out for. Her works show maturity that is beyond her years.

“I have never come across a student like Lalitha, who is not only gifted but extremely committed. I have known Lalitha since she was 7 years old. From that tender age, she has taken painting like a fish to water. She has shown consistent improvement over the years. It was a great pleasure to teach her and watch her grow as an artist,” says her Guru Prof. Stanley Suresh, Professor of Painting, Jawaharlal Nehru University - College of Fine Arts, who is also an internationally recognised artist himself. “I am sure that Lalitha with her talent, creative ability and her hard work will leave a mark in the field of art”.

Lalitha is a recipient of Deans Scholarship from San Francisco Art Institute, US worth Rs.25 Lakhs ($8500 per year) from the 320 years old US University for further studies in Painting. If all goes well, she would like to pursue education in fine arts in Singapore and follow her passion for painting.

And if you think Lalitha is just about sketching, drawing and painting, she does look beyond her canvas. She has varied interests and had represented the State at School level in Basketball; has great interest in Poetry and Dramatics; has taken up Carnatic singing as a hobby and loves Mathematics! Winner of several awards in all these fields and especially in painting… All India Camel Colour Contest; Navy Week Painting Competition; Hyderabad Public School Award; Children’s Environment Science Congress Award; Celebrations of 60 years of India’s Independence (Govt. of A.P.) Award; Horlicks Whiz Kids; etc. her achievements spread across many verticals such as sports, academics, drawing and painting, etc.

A student of Hyderabad Public School, she has always been excellent in studies. She scored 92 per cent in Tenth class and was the Class first. She got 90 per cent in Intermediate from Villa Marie Jr. College. If Painting is her first love, Mathematics is her second love. Her father B. Nandan, who is into Educational Training, encouraged her to take up Abacus and Mental Arithmetics. She has won many awards at State and National Level in Abacus and is a ‘Grand Master’ in Abacus. And now she is also taking up teaching abacus to children.


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