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"Newsmakers from Hyderabad"

 Mr.Hari krishna Prasad,
MD,NetInida Pvt Ltd
Worlds First e-mail gadget is from Hyderabad

His company's advertisement on the launch of the product says that "after Charminar, Cyberabadis present another wonder of the world- "Piano Mail" .Developed by city based NetIndia Pvt Ltd, 'Piano Mail' is the world's first handy e-mailing & Voice mailing Electronic Gadget.

A team of young highly talented self motivated software professionals under the leadership of Mr.Hari krishna Prasad has developed this unique product which is creating waves all over. It is an innovative cheap gadget for sending and receiving e-mails without owning a PC or subscribing to an ISP.

The unique feature of this product is that there is no need of any plugins into telephone lines and all one has to do is place the gadget on the telephone mouth piece after typing in the message into the organizer and press the send button. Piano Mail converts the text into specific signals and relays it through telephone. It can also receive these signals and convert them into text. It has a capacity of storing messages up to 27 kb.

The gadget is priced under Rs 2,000 and the subscription services is being priced at Rs100 per month upto 120 minutes. The cost per minute would work out to be only 83.33 paisa per minute.

Kudos to Mr.Hari Krishna Prasad and his entire team for developing this innovative gadget which has  indeed hit the market by storm. 


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