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Ms. Madhavi Pandu

City Woman wins Rs.10 lakh in Zee TV’s Sawaal Dus Crore Ka
(It is so far the biggest amount ever won by anybody from the State)

Even if she would‘ve won a crore or even ten, the jubilation on her face wouldn’t have been more because contentment is writ big on her face. Ms. Madhavi Pandu, 54, of Secunderabad has won Rs.10 lakhs in Zee TV’s popular game show Sawal Dus Crore Ka. It is so far the biggest amount ever won by anybody from the State. Madhavi could have actually won Rs.1 crore had she not quit. Quitting after reaching ten lakhs and being urged by Anupam Kher and Manisha Koirala to continue she conceded only to play a dummy no-profit-no-loss game and went on to ‘win’ a crore.

Staying at a rented house in East Marredpally Ms. Madhavi has been with LIC for 30 years, currently she is a administrative assistant. Her husband Handulnagaram Pandu is a junior engineer in the Railways and both husband and wife are M.A. and have been Osmania University toppers. Blessed with a daughter and a son, both are software engineers in Florida, USA.

Both Madhavi and her husband Pandu wrote post cards to Zee TV to participate in the show. Having almost forgotten about it and least expecting response, it was a pleasant surprise when they received a call from the Zee Representative. Asked four questions which she answered correctly she was given an ID Number. Madhavi recollects joyfully that the day she was selected and given an ID Number was also her husband’s birthday.

Madhavi being a heart-patient, her husband didn’t want her to be stressed. She had to convince her husband and children that she won’t be too tense and armed with Mr. Pandu’s advice not to be desperate to win more than Rs.1 lakh she participated in the game show just for fun. Mr. Pandu who was sitting in the audience during the show wished that she would stop when she reached Rs.1 lakh. But she continued till she
reached Rs.10 lakhs.

Madhavi withdrew from the game when she won ten lakhs as she had become nervous.
She recollects that she was clutching the arm-rests of the chair tightly and kept praying that she get only as much as she needed. She doesn’t regret leaving the game at that point.

Asked to list ‘three things that you must do before your life is over’ in a form for participating in the show. Madhavi wrote find a suitable wife for my son; own a decent flat with our hard-earned money and to lead a happy retired life. Having won ten lakh rupees as prize money (35 per cent of which goes to income tax) she plans to purchase a flat of their own. She is one her way to fulfill the other two wishes.

The episode in which she won the prize money is scheduled for telecast at 8:30 PM on December 19, 2000.

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