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"Newsmakers from Hyderabad"

Vijay Prasanna Pullur and Jay Raghavendra 
Two Brothers from Hyderabad dares to take on the likes of IBM ,Sun & Oracle

Hyderabad: Challenging the bigwigs, two brothers from Hyderabad have ventured into the much complicated area of software development for application servers. Vijay Prasanna Pullur and Jay Raghavendra have founded a company called Pramati Technologies Pvt. Ltd that is expected to take on the likes of IBM, BEA and Sun Microsystems in the application server market. 

Paramati has developed a Java-based application server. The Java based app server is emerging as the open standards platform for doing e-business.

Pramati, which was launched from a small two-room apartment with less than a dozen developers, has today grown into a 50-member organization. It also received $1.4 million venture capital funding from Citibank last year. It took them three years of hard struggle to be now compared to the big players in the market. 

Pramati has developed two exclusive packages called Pramati Server and Pramati Studio. The first is for the application server area, while the Pramati Studio is an authoring tool for application servers. The company has been one of the firsts to adopt J2EE standard.

Pramati's marketing strategy is very novel. They have decided to bundle the product with applications. So application developers will buy the product from Pramati and, in turn, sell the server with all their applications in-built to the customers. The company is also partnering with E-business consultants who can push its products to prospective users. In the process it has tied up with Velocient of Delhi and 4Soft of Hyderabad. Pramati has opened an office in San Jose to establish presence in the American market.


Pramati Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.
 The company a privately held company that was founded in 1996. Investors include Citibank Private Equity. Pramati has offices in Hyderabad, India and San Jose, California. Pramati builds Internet Infrastructure software with a specific focus on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)...

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