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Mr Anil Kumar & Mr Y.V Prasad

Hyderabadi's Develop First of its kind Software for e-business

Mr. Anil Kumar and Mr. Y.V Prasad of Hyderabad based Adaptek Software Solutions are our News Makers with the revolutionary 'e-sign' which is a signature authentication software that is going to make e-business friendly and secure. The Software is said to be the first of its kind ,uses a low cost digitizer to capture the signing event and links it to the e-document with the intent of creating the legal-equivalent of handwritten signature. 'e-sign' also contains a digital pen device having the state-of-art verification technology.

The most important feature of the software is MS-Office application. Once you sign the document, no one can edit or alter it as in the course of the signing process, records not only the image of the signature but also the dynamics of the signature. This shows that the signature is to be verified for authentication and security purpose. With the Cyber laws soon to be implemented in India and the Governments recent announcement that the digital records can be shown as proof for transactions,the 'e-sign',being brought out by Mr. Anil and Mr Y.V Prasad. will indeed go along way to protect and safeguard the online 'e-trade'.

Reach-out wishes these newsmakers tons of success for their revolutionary e-venture.

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