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Chukka Ramiah

"The IIT Coaching Guru" 


Hyderabad: For Hundreds of IIT hopefuls every years, the name of Chukka Ramaiah is all that is needed to get into the IIT. His tutorial. Ramaiah Instutite has to its credit over1000 IIT seats secured over the years.

It's an adage among IIT wannabes that if you want tto get into IIT, you have to get into Ramaiah first. And to get into Ramaiah, you need to take a test that's quite as rigorous as the one for the IIT itself.

He started the institute in 1983 after a long sinct as Principal of the AP Residential Degree College in Nagarjuna.Two other teachers, Madhusudan Rao for Chemistry and Surenderanah Reddy for physics were with him when he initially started. In the first year itself, his institute sent ten students to the entrance exam and six made it to the IIT.

'Ramiah Institute', as it is popularly known continues to produce amazing results a the IIT JEE exams. Of the 160 students from the institute who took the JEE from this institute,150 qualified as against 140 last year. This year on April 15th around 7000 students appeared for the admission test at the Osmania University Engineering and Technology centre.

The study Circle has only 125 seats and around 7000 students have appeared just for its entrance leave alone. The institute has received double the number of applications this year compared to last year. Infact some institutes even conducted crash courses for the Ramiah institute entrance exams. The 4 hour entrance Test is as good as the real IIT JEE and each paper is evaluated thrice before the results are announced. The results of the entrance exam have just been announced.

  May' 2001

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