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Major Jason Jacob Jesu with his wife Mini
Major Jesu with his Wife Mini

Major Jason Jacob Jesu

It sounds incredible .Isn't it? Of course its true that Hyderabad has got the distinction of having the youngest officer from the Country being awarded two Gallantry awards. He was awarded the "Sourya Chakra" in 1998 and "Sena Medal" in 1999 .Reachout's team has had the honor of visiting his parents staying at Secunderabad and getting an insight into this brave yet shy Newsmaker of Hyderabad.

Major Jason took the NDA entrance exams and joined it in July 1990.He graduated from the Indian Military Academy in 1994 and was given his choice of regiment. He was allocated to the relatively young 11th Battalion of the Maratha Light Infantry Regiment. It did not take him long to prove himself officer material. In his very first encounter with insurgents in the East, he displayed courage and tenacity and was awarded the Shaurya Chakra.

Deployed in counter-insurgency operations in the eastern Sector on Dec 3,1999,Maj Jason led an ambush party to a site near village Balipara. He deployed his small force and at about 0300 hours, using a night vision device, he spotted five armed militants move to the east of his ambush. He quickly re-adjusted the ambush position. though there was a sharp exchange of fire, Jason's cool handling of the situation inflicted causalities on the militants without collateral damage to the village. In the end two militants were killed and he was awarded the prestigious Sena Medal.

Reach-Out salutes this brave young soldier from Hyderabad who has left a path for others to follow and we look forward for him to bring more fame and laurels to this city.

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