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Was Mr.Clinton really bowled by Hyderabad's techno savvy nature?

-- by rech-out's regular reader 

This is clearly an American perspective as compared to an Indian perspective. I must admit I got power to write this article after reading the previous article "....But seriously On Your butt " by Mr.Goka. Thanks Ajay! for your good humour presented.

Bill landed in Hyderabad with his Air Force One. It was a great feeling to have him here. At the HiTec city, it was really a scene that can be understood in two ways. One by Indians and other by those who know a little bit about an American's nature. Mr.Chief Minister gave an excellent introduction with his video conferencing technique. Then came Mr.Rama Linga Raju of Satyam Computers. Mr.Raju, it seems, to have thoroughly bored Mr.President of USA. At one point Bill caught his forehead, took out his sweat and grumbled " Oh!Boy." Not a very good scene for Mr.Raju. 

When Bill started giving his speech, he adopted the policy that his opponent Bob Dole found it effective during his election days (Mr.Dole however lost). Mr.Clinton's words were simple , who knows if it was effective, but certainly they were humorous. The way he said "....he did a good job" pointing CM for his speech was more like applauding a child who has learnt how to wear his shoes or changing his diapers. This sarcasm is not good looking for any Technocrat of India. 

All the Bill's words are not just bullshit. It looked true to the very last syllable when he said "Technology is truly realised if it reaches the poor". What best example can we take other than Singapore. Singapore started its ' Twenty years into future' project long back and now it has realised its goal. It is now the neatest city in the world. Judging by this Mr.Naidu was correct in taking the Janma Bhoomi decision. 

Having said so, let us not jump to a conclusion that India is fascinating to USA. There is more to that than what our politicians think. This is the power politics of the third kind or the American kind. What I sincerely think is....with all due respects.......let me give out this conspiracy theory. America had been keeping its eye on south Asia for many things. America needs India for its brain power. America needs gulf countries for its oil in the future (may be after fifty years). But America is careful. It does not want any country to be rooted deep into its history. Thus they want to groom leaders in all the powerful countries. Nawaz Sharif , if you take into example was dancing to the tunes of USA. In India , Americans are seeing a visionary in Babu. If he becomes PM of India then there is every chance that India , instead of Pakistan will become the neighbour of USA. 

All in all I feel that Clinton was totally fatigued when he visited Hyderabad. I clearly do not think he was in no situation to be bowled over. But Hyderabad definitely take heart from the fact that it stands amidst American history. 

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