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Rapid Reading- The need of the hour

Institute of Education beyond curriculum 

             Mounds of paper pile up, e-mails multiply endlessly, week's newspapers and magazines lie on your table.. How can you cope? There is never sufficient time on hand to fit in everything at normal reading speed. We live in age of information overload, where we have too little time and too much information to go through. From newspapers, books and direct mail to the World Wide Web, we are constantly bombarded with time-consuming mountains of data. Hence it is increasingly becoming important to be able to read and absorb faster than ever before. Read faster, remember more, read more and save time have become buzz word.
            In no other place is the need for 'speed reading' is more evident than in the business world. Reading is an everyday, every hour in everybody's life off a businessman. Imagine market hitting with more than three lakh new titles of publications and more than 50 million pages of technical information. And according to some survey this total information doubles in every two and half years. Most of this information is relevant to business, profession, academic life and some of it is critical to life. Yet most people read roughly at the same rate their ancestors read it. It's no wonder they feel like they are falling behind, because it is impossible to keep up with all the important new information, unless you can read at 10 to 15 times the rate you used to read at. If you can't speed read there is a wealth of information you will miss and loose precious time too. But, here is one individual, trying to master the mega speed reading. He is probably the only known person with such skill in the country. But, he is too modest, and doesn't want to be called master in the rapid reading. While an average Indian English Reader reads at a speed of about 150 to 200 words per minute, Anand Chaturvedi,35,an engineer by training and a trainer by choice reads 400 to 500 words per minute. The average college student in western countries read between 250 tp 350 words per minute on fiction and non-technical materials. A good reader reads about 500 to 700 words per minute, but some even read a thousand words per minute.
            Born and brought up in Hyderabad, living in Bangalore, rapid reading is his passion. Though he doesn't have any formal training in rapid reading, he picked up the skill while he was in Hong Kong on a business visit several years ago. His interest has gradually grown over the years on "reading right and reading fast". Overwhelmed by the initial attempt, he has not only been successfully practicing, but has been speaking regularly on various platforms all over south on rapid reading, subjects of self development and education beyond curriculum. Speed reading is not magic nor it is a big expensive mystery. Professional speed reading classes simply teach a handful of easy techniques that help a person focus his or her attention better.
            Few sessions of small duration of 90 minutes a day for a week work son increasing the word span of a reader. Combined with applications of technique of developing concentration, increasing peripherals vision reading, consciously avoiding the physical and mental barriers, can accomplish the goals of reading faster. With formal training the reading speed can easily be increased to 250 to 400 words per minute. The principles of reading fast must be taught to one and all, right from a school child to an industrialist with a single goal- to make them to read fast, to save time and ultimately to read more.
           Rapid Reading which was once a hobby to Anand, slowly transformed into a full time profession. His eyes are set firm on Limca Book of Records. Though he could not find any such record established so far in India, his ultimate goal is to be the fastest reader in the country. He is focusing to read a few thousands of words per minute in near future.
According to Made E-Z products, USA, one can easily learn to read upto 25,000 words per minute, and acquire essential rapid skills in a little as 90 minutes using paragraph icons and fundamental concepts of Rapaid Reading. Mr. Paul, R.Scheele,a US based expert on Photo Reading and an Author of International best seller "The Photo Reading Whole Mind System", trains people that too adults to read 25,000 words a minute. The record for most fastest reading is 45,000 words a minute, which is possible by way of Photo reading.
           After successfully completion of six batches of over 150 people all together, his aim now is to spread the message of rapid reading habit length and breadth of the country with the help of his week long workshop on rapid reading. He has even floated an organization, "Institute of Education Beyond Curriculum" to introduce many courses, areas of skills of like Rapid Reading for the betterment of Society.