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Andhra Pradesh is the first state in India that has been formed on a purely linguistic basis. When India became independent, the Andhras i.e., the Telugu-speaking people were distributed in about 21 districts, 9 of them in the Nizams dominions and 12 in the Madras presidency. On the basis of an agitation, on October 1st, 1953, 11 districts of the Madras state were put to form a new Andhra State with Kurnool as the capital. On November 1st, 1956 (Now, this date has become AP formation day), in accordance with the recommendations of the state reorganization commission of the Andhra State was enlarged by the addition of 9 districts formerly in the Nizam dominion. Then Hyderabad, the former capital of the Nizams, became the official capital of the enlarged Andhra State. thus consists of 3 distinct regions, namely, Coastal, Telangana, and the Interior region.
Telugu, the official language of Andhra Pradesh, is described by C.P. Brown as the 'Italian of the East'. Next to Hindi, Telugu is the biggest linguistic unit in India. Telugu is found recorded as early as the 7th Century AD but it was only 11th century AD that it broke out into a literary language.

One of the unique features of Hyderabad is the language of Urdu. The Hyderabadi Urdu  is more like city's dialect of Hindi- a 'la Ebonics Language . It is in the world of its own. Like the Mumbayya 'tapori',Hyderabadi lingo too has its own  distinct sound & flavour  and yes, it is more varied as it has its own dialects in different parts of the city. If the real Hyderabadi is laced with Urdu and typical to the old city, the new city has a fair mix of English and Telugu to it. In Secunderabad Cantonment area, there is a Tamil touch to it. Though the original Urdu language is different, over the years, the Urdu that we speak in Hyderabad is a mix of Urdu, Telugu, and Hindi which has resulted in the invention of very unique and funny words that can be found nowhere but in Hyderabad. For example, you can catch a typical Hyderabadi anywhere in India. Once he starts speaking in Hindi, you get to hear the uniqueness that is Hyderabad, with words like 'Nakko' (No Thanks!), 'Kya Miyan' (What's up dude!), 'Potti' (A girl!) and many more words. You only need to be in Hyderabad to know these words and you will love both the words and the Hyderabadi.

Hyderabad comes under Telengana region under which there are many other districts like, Mehabubnagar, Karim Nagar, Khammam, Nizamabad and many more. Other districts come under coastal region and the Interior region of Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh at a glance
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Hyderabad at a glance
Here are some vital statistics on Hyderabad district
Climatic Conditions around Hyderabad
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Hyderabad District Population as per the latest report in Sept'04

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