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An overview:
Hyderabad has got a mixed set of people forming a base from all regions of India. Infact Hyderabad is considered to be a transit place for the North and South of the Whole of India, with Sikhs, Gujaratis, Marathis, Bengalis, and others.

While Muslim people are concentrated more towards the old city like Charminar, Secunderabad has got a more contemporary look with a concentration of Anglo-Indians.

In general, Hyderabadi people are considered to be very friendly and hospitable. Infact hospitality is the other name of Hyderabadis. They take pride in talking in their local, typical, and vibrant Hyderabadi language which is a mix of Hindi, Urdu, and Telugu.

Culture, Civilization and Society are ambiguous words which has almost the same kind of meaning. While Culture is what we should be, civilization is what we are . Society is the virtual world of the same civilization. 

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Malayalees in Hyderabad
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An introspection into Hyderabadi society:

To the very name, Hyderabad emanates Muslim culture. To speak the truth it is not limited to just one religion, caste, creed or sect. Hyderabad is a mixture of diverse religions, castes and creeds. Considering the last twenty years, there hadn't been much of a human disturbing news so far in Hyderabad. That makes it the desirable place to live in India. You have excellent roads as well the worst. You have "Machchar Pahelwan's" as well decent people. But of course, Hyderabad is the place to be if you want to break the rules of the road. Sometime, a decade ago European consultants came to Hyderabad to change its stature road wise. But failed miserably.

Hyderabad is blessed with a theater every 500 meters. Almost all the movies go running-full. Though with the advent of Cable Television, not many families are opting for theaters, there still are some people who would consider it a picnic. Every Sunday, theaters go full. With it comes the usual flair of Hyderabadi language as "Kya Shot hai baap!" for a Van Damme kick. The reason why theaters  go full is the pricing also. Hyderabad never over-dose in case of pricing economy. The maximum that you come across should not exceed Rs 40. Though the theaters are not a competition to Metropolis' theaters, they are a equipped lot when it comes to Sound effects. Most theaters are DTS enabled. 

It is so nice to know that someone likes you. Eves-Dropping (or "light marna") has never come down in Hyderabad. It has been constant. You go to any place and you find people staring at ladies (all types) all the time. It's "Potti Patana " time for teens of Hyderabad after college. Yesteryears' Hyderabad had teens whose full-time work used to be eves-dropping. Unlike what they show in movies, eves-dropping has never been harmful. City's crime branch keep an eye on the crooks all the time.  Lately it had become "Adams-dropping" metaphorically  speaking. But the thrill in participating and not getting involved is an unexplainable experience.

The Steward shouts "Ek Chai La Rey" and gets it himself(!) to serve to his customers. We are talking of Irani Hotels where some people build their lives around it. They sit for hours and hours and chat with friends, families and even strangers. Irani hotels are an excellent franchise( but of course no royalty, no ownership and no rules). They can only run one way and that is successful way. Every one likes the "Chota Samosa" made out of Onions that are special to any Irani Hotel. Fine Biscuit, and the world famous Osmania biscuits were born from this concept called Irani Hotel. Have a "Irani chai" and you would love it. 

The Hyderabadi Urdu  is more like city's dialect of Hindi- a 'la Ebonics Language you see. It is in the world of its own. Like the Mumbayya 'tapori',Hyderabadi lingo too has its own  distinct sound and flavour.and yes, it is more varied as it has its own dialects in different parts of the city. If the real Hyderabadi is laced with Urdu and typical to the old city, the new city has a fair mix of English and Telugu to it. In Secunderabad Cantonment area, there is a Tamil touch to it.Do not be confused if some one says "Nakko", it means "Nahi Chahiye". Then we come across tenses, "Abhi" never means "Now" and "Parson" never means "day before yesterday". "Parson" can run upto last six months back. Hyderabad is the land of abuses. Ditch anybody with your vehicle and you have the choicest of the blessings from the person at the receiving end. 

All through the metropolis' of India, you find two types of Hotels and Motels. Either expensive or cheap. Moderate has never been order of their business. But in Hyderabad, you have all the three and majority try to give you best service but fail miserably. Customers are not kings here. They never were hunters as it often happens in Bombay or Madras or any city outside India. They are always a hunted lot. Are you having a very low budget for your food? Worry not, there are tons of Hotels around that buys you food even for as low as five bucks. Yes, and there are also five star hotels for your world class service. All the three communities rich, poor and average classes are a part of any area. 

The liquor case. Few years ago, Hyderabad was a part of Dry State (No-Liquor) . It looked as if this land had become a widow. Thanks again to our beloved CM, liquor can be found in shops which are more than three in number in every area. You have good light and strong beers. You have the best liquor like Scotch and Cognac and at the same time you have the cheap "Kerala" malt Whisky. A Baitak is a purely "Alcoholics" party. Meaning party purely for liquor consumption only. It is order of any day. Did you get fifty rupees in lottery, celebrate it by spending five hundred. Failed in exams? drink in distress. Pubs are not world class but definitely very good ones. Bars are again ranging from moderately costly to the costliest. Liquor brings smiles on the faces of many. 

Last and finally, technology. Show us a place where there is more hype of technology than this place? Hyderabad has this peculiar attitude of seeing the end of any new thing. Do you know that there are at least five computer based institutes in every street of Hyderabad. At every turn of a street you find an Internet parlor. You may find a person who does not speak foul Hyderabadi language but you are never far away from an Internet Browsing Center. A whopping 71% of the H1B visas to America constitute Hyderabadis. Hyderabadis try to jump ahead in any line they are in even if it means illegally. They do so even before US-Consulate in Chennai. Lines are un-digestible to Hyderabadis. At the same time, Hyderabad has some of the world class companies in different fields. Concluding this topic, you have cyber towers in the Hi-Tec city. IT Pundits expect this place to be the next silicon valley after the original one in CA. In case you are interested in going to USA then there is only one place to be and that is Hyderabad. 

A Hyderabad area is not a Montana (the most desirable place to live on earth) nor is it Jaffna (exact opposite of Montana), A Hyderabadi can be a friendly neighbor next door.

The Bindaas facets of Hyderabadis
Here are the various facets of an Hyderabadi by Reachout's Critic, an analyst of contemporary Hyderabad society

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