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IVY League Schools Ltd, Shamirpet completes 20 years and celebrates 20th Anniversary.

School has the unique distinction of being the most "Green and Eco friendly school", perhaps all over India 

Hyderabad|India|October'2008:The Residential School laid out on a green, picturesque, sprawling 40-acre campus with rocks, boulders and trees is perhaps the most ¡Green¢ school in Andhra Pradesh and probably all over India where students not only from India but even overseas come to study.

Its neat well-kept black topped internal roads and pathways, connect the scattered clusters of buildings which comprise academic sections, living areas, dining areas and sports fields. Apart from electricity, the campus is illuminated with Solar Power and hot water is provided through the Solar Water Heating System thus becoming the best example for the most eco-friendly school. Established in 1988 with the underlying objective of making school education more enjoyable, meaningful and creative. Students here also imbibe basic humanitarian values that shape the mind of a good, well-rounded human being.

Speaking to visiting media men the school campus today Mr. Mahavir Golecha, Managing Director informed Mind without Fear is the motto of the school. These profound words from Guru Rabindranath Tagore¢s ¡Gitanjali¢ are the inspiration for the children in their passionate quest for truth and wisdom, urging them to go fearlessly beyond the frontiers of the known, and discover what lies beyond the apparent.

The seagull, the school¢s emblem, symbolizes the mind¢s inner urge to soar far above the mundane, into realms that can only be reached with the wings of thought and reasoning constantly outstretched.

Every child has something special, wanting to be recognized and nurtured. Ivy League Academy makes it possible for this inherent potential to flower and find free expression.

We believe learning ought to be predicated on joy, if it has to enrich an individual¢s life and help him evolve said Mr. S.V.S. Bhandari Principal - Ivy League Academy.

Ivy League Academy was established in 1988 with the underlying objective of making school education more enjoyable, meaningful and creative, informed Mr. Mahavir Golecha.

The school¢s ambience spells freedom for children combined with the joy of discovery, which is so central to the process of learning. Students here also imbibe basic humanitarian values that shape the mind of a good, well-rounded human being.

Ivy League Academy aims to provide holistic education that prepares a child for the challenges of a world driven by change, more than ever before. They are guided by the legacy of a rich, many-hued tradition and "the clear stream of reason", as they embrace modern learning in their journey through the ever-widening frontiers of knowledge.

At Ivy League Academy every waking hour opens a new window of opportunity that fills children¢s hearts and minds with the zeal to discover and realize their true potential. As they step out from the portals of the school into the larger world outside, they emerge as free, confident, caring creative, young citizens ready to take on spiritedly, the challenges that await them. This, in essence, is the substance of our mission and philosophy.

Our motto is our guiding principle "MIND WITHOUT FEAR".Guru Rabindranath Tagore¢s immortal words remain deeply etched on the hearts and minds of all those associated with the school, be it now or in the past. Each day is a harbinger of an opportunity to shape fearless minds and fire the hearts of children with the spirit of freedom, enterprise and creativity, Mr. Mahavir Golecha informed.

Ivy League Academy is located at Bommarasipet (Village), Near Leo Meridian, Resort, Lane Opp. Alankrita Resort, Shamirpet (Mandal), RR District.

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